Formex AS1100 Review - The Presidential Package

When it comes to expensive, top-quality watches, I'm blessed with a line of work that allows me to receive them in exchange for honest, unbiased reviews. Sadly, I've come to terms with the fact that most people are only able to purchase a handful of excellent watches throughout their lifetime. The watch selection can obviously be influenced by countless factors (style, performance, price) but I ultimately believe customers are attracted to companies that can offer the best overall experience, given that all the big players are creating equally impressive pieces. After receiving Formex's AS110 model 8040, I can already tell this will be my everyday watch for years to come, and it should be in contention to be your premier high-class watch.

Before we talk about the piece itself, I'd like to tell you about Formex. After all, buying watches should not be exclusively about looks. Finding a legitimate, trustworthy brand and becoming a loyal customer is an equally exciting and important aspect of the process. When I started communication with company CEO Raphael Granito and Markus W√§lchli, they presented me with a unique proposition. They wanted to handle the purchase as if I was any other client, meaning that I went to their website and bought the watch (ultimately not' actually having to pay). Truth be told, I was impressed by their pro-customer policies. Since they pulled out of retail stores, they're able to offer low prices, alongside other welcomed additions (free shipping, fast delivery, taxes/duties included, three-year warranty). Lastly, I have to praise them for their free app that lets you try on the watches with your smartphone. The app uses augmented reality to project a watch on your wrist and gives you a feel of real-life size and look of their timepieces.

Time to talk about the watch itself.


- Dimensions: 46.5mm diameter x 14mm height x 53.5mm lug to lug
- Movement: ETA 7750
- Weight: 134g
- Accuracy (Lepsi Watch Scope: 2.0 s/d)
- Water resistance: 100m / 10ATM
- Special features: Stainless steel case brushed/polished with silvery tachymeter dial and sapphire-crystal glass, patented case suspension system
- Lug width: 22mm
- Price: $1335 with leather, $1465 with titanium/steel bracelet

Completely Swiss Made and featuring their patented case suspension system, it features the indisputable ETA 7750 movement for a very affordable price. The Formex AS1100 Chronograph ( and all current Formex models) is a large watch. But written specs are deceiving. 46mm in a square style case can be intimidating for someone who typically wears 42-44mm watches. That said, its largeness is only felt in width. In length, its 53mm make is surprisingly wearable. Even for those who could not wear this piece every day, I'm letting you know it's absolutely doable for those special occasions.

The case is constructed of steel and titanium, and is actually a multi-piece case, as it houses a patented suspension system, a shock absorber of sorts. It's impossible to review this shock system without purposefully attempting to damage the watch (which I obviously didn't do). All I can say is that after almost two months of regular use, the chronograph is still in pristine state. Additionally, I truly dig the case's piston/screw system. It makes the watch feel like a personal Swiss safe sitting on your wrist.

The Silver dile is clean, crisp, and neat. It beautifully matches up with the case's steel/titanium. Nothing annoys me more than a cluttered dile, but luckily Formex did a great job here. The subdials are laid out in the traditional ETA 7750 way – 12, 6 and 9. These are all on a lower level with a polished finish to them, which reflects the light well – but not in a glaring way. The one thing that disappointed me was the was the lack of lume compound. It always shined when I was in a dark room, but it didn't shine as much as I would have liked.

The Formex AS1100 Chronograph uses an ETA 7750 automatic movement, which utilizes a chronograph and a day/date readout. A tried and true movement, and totally fits within the pricing of this model. Its power reserve is listed at 42 hours and of course, when you give the watch a shake, it produces that amazing vibration from the rotor. Formex also made sure to work on the caseback, giving it an exhibition window to show off the movement and sapphire crystal.

To be completely honest, there’s nothing too crazy to say about the titanium/steel strap. It's good looking and comfortable.

When it comes to negatives (aside from the lume compound), the only thing that I could see turning off people is the brand's lack of power or popularity. That said, I truly like the policies and marketing strategies that the company is applying, and it wouldn't surprise me whatsoever to see the Formex brand gain a ton of traction in the upcoming years.

Overall: Formex's AS1110 is probably the best watch I've had the pleasure of reviewing when you consider price, style, specs, and customer experience. There's never been a time to hop on the train. I feel like I own the room when I'm wearing the watch, and I'm certain you'll feel the same way.

The Good
- Beautiful Style
- Great Price
- Top Notch Components
- Fantastic Purchase Experience

The Bad
- Not Enough Lume Compound
- Lack of Brand Recognition (for now)

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  1. Holy sh*t that's a beautiful watch! Thanks for the recommendation