Dan Henry 1968 Watch Review

Dan Henry Watches are a hot commodity these days. Many, many watch enthusiasts have been grabbing at least one of the 5 different collections Dan Henry offers. There are good reasons for that. One, of course, is the price. They are very affordable with their most expensive model only being $250; that would be the compressor style diver (the 1970). The other is the style. Vintage is the way to go these days, at least in fashion, mainly watches and apparel. When you combine that vintage style with a very affordable price, people will pay attention. The model I am reviewing here today, the Dan Henry 1968, has not been talked about much or reviewed in depth, at least not that I could find. That is why I chose to review this over the newest Dan Henry model, I wanted to see why this model was being left out in the cold. As you might expect, the specs are not high end, but the watch is well put together and attractive. It also has unique dial design that I will discuss more in this review.

Dan Henry 1968 Specifications:

41mm stainless steel case
22mm lugs size
47.3mm lug to lug
13mm thickness
Sapphire coated double domed mineral glass with anti-reflective treatment  
Miyota 6S20 quartz (Japan) movement
Leather and NATO strap
Leather/Canvas Watch Roll

Let's get right into the most intriguing part of the Dan Henry 1968. This watch is basically a tribute to something that never was, an Omega Speedmaster prototype that never made it past the prototype phase. As it states on the Dan Henry website, imbalance and asymmetry can be attractive, and I agree. It is not your normal setup, that is for sure, but it is clean and since I am someone that almost never uses a chronograph, I appreciate that it only has one sub-dial. That sub-dial though is your running seconds, not a chrono counter. If you are not sure how to use this particular chronograph, this is meant to be a racing timer, so timing 60-second laps is its main function. If you are not on the racing track most days, like the majority of us, then timing quick events or projects is where it is at. I love the placement of Dan Henry on the dial and of course, the date is in the 6 o’clock position, my favorite spot. In this case, it is white on black date wheel, giving it some cohesiveness with the rest of the dial.

We are also talking about a $200 watch, and what you do get for that price is pretty nice. The brushed finishing is not the best in terms of finishing, but I found no rough edges on the watch, something I can not say about watches twice or three times its price. The movement is a standard Miyota quartz fair, and what you would expect in a watch this price. It does its job though. You still get a sapphire coated mineral crystal; that is the one thing I really hope for with new releases this year or next, an actual sapphire crystal. That is something I really want in all my watches, and it is something I will always pay more for if need be. The case back, like all the other Dan Henry watches is not just some laser etched deal, it is a 3D stamped back, this time in a maze pattern, which is used on another DH model as well.

Comfort wise, I am very impressed. The case on the Dan Henry 1968 is 41mm, just below my perfect sweet spot these days, but it also has 22mm lugs, which balance it out and it does not seem small. The large dial opening with virtually no bezel also helps in this regard. The watch comes with two straps, a NATO style that I will never use, and a vented rally style brown leather that is super soft and surprisingly long, something we normally do not see on a watch that is manufactured in Asia. For some reason, even on much larger watches, we see straps that will just fit my very average 7 1/2 inch wrist. This one, on the other hand, should be able to fit an 8 1/2 inch wrist with ease. I have 5 holes left on the strap, which I wear ever so slightly on the loose side. I could probably go up a hole, but I do not like a watch to be tight on me.

Overall: The common theme with all Dan Henry Watches is style, affordability and of course, that vintage appeal. All the models, including this Dan Henry 1968 look like they would have in their time period. You probably won't be blown away by this model due to its rather lacklustre fabrication materials, but I can easily say I have seen watches that cost many times this price and they do not look as nice. 

Price Tag: $200.00 USD

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