UFC 210: Patrick Côté is ready for war

Monday morning in Montreal, Quebec. Around noon, a selected roster of media players gathered in BTT Canada to interview and record Patrick Côté. In business since 2011, the martial arts gym proudly displays its accomplishments. Countless shiny Jiu-Jitsu trophies lay in shelves across the rooms. UFC pictures and memorabilia are all over the place. And in my personal favorite design choice, walls hold signed posters of some of Côté's most important UFC events (TUF 4 Finale, UFC 90, UFC 113).

Isolated from a dozen teammates doing the BJJ class, Patrick and a partner completed a grappling-focused media workout session. Simple drills. However, you really get a sense of the man's experience during these exchanges. He goes effortlessly goes from exercise to exercise with flawless technique. Furthermore, I truly got a taste of Côté's mentality: this is a 15-year veteran that still loves the process. From beginning to end, he was all smiles, as he performed using clearly worn UFC gloves (a relic from one of his 21 bouts with the company. His head coach, gym founder Fabio Holanda, agrees with my perception: "Patrick is in amazing shape. Physically and mentally, he's in a fantastic place. He's always improving and he's ready to give his fans a show."

The stage is certainly set for a memorable fight. This Saturday night, Côté takes on fellow striker Thiago Alves on the main card of UFC 210: CORMIER VS. JOHNSON 2. When asked about the fight's outcome, coach Holanda is confident we'll get our money's worth: "I predict a three-round war! These guys are going to throw." He was unwilling to reveal gameplan specifics, reiterating that "People talk about holes in Thiago's game, cardio issues, etc. We don't think about that. We only care about Patrick's development as a martial artist. His skills are more than enough to beat the best in the world."

UFC 210 takes place this Saturday evening. For more details, click right here.

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  1. I guess Patrick Côté has all the chances to become a winner! his physical form is amazing, I see, he has worked hard before!