Demetrious Johnson vs. Tim Elliott - TUF 24 Finale Pre-Fight Analysis

This Saturday, The Ultimate Fighter 24 Finale is taking place at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. To be perfectly honest, this is one of the worst marketing campaigns I've ever seen for a UFC event. Outside of a couple YouTube videos and tweets, the company has shown no effort to promote the finale. I would at least understand it if the card was complete trash, but I actually think it's far more attractive than any other post-UFC 205 event we've had until now, thanks to the fun mix of brawlers (Dong Hyun Kim, Jake Ellenberger) and exciting new faces (Brandon Moreno, Ryan Hall). Furthermore, Henry Cejudo and Joseph Benavidez will face off in a thrilling matchup. That said, all eyes are set on the evening's main event: the Pound For Pound king of combat sports will face off against Tim Elliott in a bout that was unveiled 72 hours before starting time. Without further ado, let's get to it:

As soon as the concept of The Ultimate Fighter's latest season was announced, we knew Mighty Mouse would have an advantage regardless of the victor. A ton of good champions from other organizations would battle until the next Flyweight contender emerged. My overall thoughts on the season are that while the fights were amongst the most entertaining ones I've seen in the series, we didn't learn a whole lot. The guy who had previously competed in the UFC turned out to be better than the guys who hadn't. Even more disappointing are the rumors suggesting that most of the runner--ups won't receive a contract. Typically, I wouldn't be upset. But going into TUF 24, I assumed the goal wasn't only to find DJ's next opponent, but to enhance the 125-pound division by introducing some fresh meat. I'm telling you, they're releasing several great prospects like Yoni Sherbatov and Eric Shelton.

I've been mumbling too long, so it's time to get to the Nitty-Gritty: Demetrious Johnson is likely going to win this fight. By no means am I attempting to disrespect and discredit Tim Elliott. He's a very good fighter with an unorthodox style and high output. Sadly, this isn't a battle of equals. The champion is lightyears ahead in terms of technique, and his pace is unstoppable. There is a reason why he's the only UFC Flyweight champion since the belt's inception in 2012: he's on another level.

Mighty Mouse truly symbolizes greatness. Tremendously underrated by the masses, this man is one of the most well-rounded competitors in combat sports history. His striking manages to be simultaneously conservative and highly dangerous. His clinch and ground game are smoothly performed at an elite level. With eight consecutive title defenses, he has decisively beaten world-class opposition such as Ian McCall, Joseph Benavidez, Henry Cejudo, and John Dodson. What I especially admire about DJ is the fact that to him, the fight begins the second he signs the contract. He analyses the way his opponents think, compete, and react until he visualizes a clear path to victory. There is no reason for me to believe he can't crack the Elliott puzzle.

Now, whenever matchmakers book a bout that features a clear underdog against an absolute favorite you have to talk about Matt Serra. We both know the story: he shocked the world by knocking out GSP to win the Welterweight strap. So is there a scenario in which Elliott wins? Of course. He comes out and lands an early bomb before Demetrious can figure him out. He locks in a guillotine that earns him the title. He throws a wild knee that coincides with MM's takedown attempt. This is a sport in which lighting strikes in the same exact spot multiple times a month. That said, I confidently predict Demetrious Johnson retaining his belt in rather dominant fashion.

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