Real Winners and Losers: UFC 205

Conor McGregor
Who else could get this started? In a historic event, The Notorious obtained a historic achievement. In less than two rounds, he played with the lightweight champion of the world. His performance was brutally beautiful. From the very beginning, Conor absolutely nullified Eddie's gameplan. His left hand came through once again, delivering multiple knockdowns. When the 155 champion attempted to shoot for the takedown or indulge in the clinch, the Irishman denied his intentions. Eventually, Alvarez crumbled after eating an insanely precise combination. With the victory, he becomes the first man to simultaneously hold two UFC belts. We don't really know what's next, but I believe an enormous celebration and a couple of months off is the right choice.

Eddie Alvarez
Now, there is no shame in losing a UFC title fight. Whenever you fight combat sport' elite, losses will undoubtedly occur. Having said that, you can bet Eddie will be the butt of MMA fans' jokes for weeks to come. Not particularly because of the defeat, but because of all the comments made in the lead-up to the bout. "You're the easiest fight in the division." "Santa Claus isn't real." "The truth will be told." Sadly, this wasn't Eddie's night.

Stephen Thompson and Karolina Kowalkiewicz
You may say I'm cheating by including two people in one spot, but give me a break! Now, both of these athletes failed to capture their respective titles. But by the time the decisions were announced, Madison Square Garden saw them as heroes. Karoline withstood an insane amount of punishment, almost finishing the fight in the fourth round. At the same time in the evening's co-main event, Wonderboy received a savage beating from Woodley, receiving multiple knockdowns and a very tight guillotine attempt. However, Thompson survived and went on to win the fifth. Amazing show of heart by both.

Miesha Tate
Don't get it twisted, Miesha Tate is a pioneer of women's MMA who will surely enter the hall of fame. Having said that, 2016 wasn't too kind to her. After capturing the belt that had eluded her for the longest time at UFC 196, she would go on to drop the strap to Amanda Nunes, taking a beating in the process. Fast forward to UFC 205, she was dominated by one of her TUF students (Raquel Pennington). To wrap things up, she announced her retirement in the post-fight interview. Not the fairy tale ending for Cupcake.

Yoel Romero
Here's another example of how quick combat sports move. At the beginning of the year, Yoel Romero was suspended for a possible PED violation, being insulted by fighters and fans alike. After USADA determined his supplements were tainted, he made his long-awaited return. I'll be damned if he didn't deliver. His bout against Chris Weidman ended with the second most vicious knockout I've seen this year (MVP's knee of hell still gets the cake). Next in line for a Middleweight title shot, he'll be facing Michael Bisping in the near future. If the fight does get announced, I heavily favor Yoel. Big night for the Soldier of God.

Chris Weidman
Mr. Weidman is going through a rough patch in his career. After dropping the belt to Luke Rockhold late last year, this was supposed to be the beginning of Chris' comeback run. Sadly, things didn't go his way. He lost his second fight in a row, in front of his hometown. Even worse, he was finished by a monstrous knee that cut his skull open. Not sure what's next for the former champion.

Khabib Nurmagomedov
Our final winner happens to possibly be the most dominant wrestler in the world. Not a whole lot to say here. Although he was hurt early in the contest, The Eagle ultimately dominated his opponent.once again. Picking Michael Johnson on the floor, he very much did exactly what he wanted. This time, though, he fearlessly called out the main event winner. Not sure if he'll obtain the "lottery fight", but you can bet him (or Tony Ferguson) is getting a title shot.

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