4 MMA Fights You Can't Miss This Weekend - Fight Night 99 and Bellator 165

After the absolutely epic UFC 205, the MMA world seems to be having a tough time moving on. New York is over (for now), and we have events every single Saturday all the way until Christmas Eve. That said, the UFC Fight Nights taking place this weekend are getting a brutal amount of indifference. The promotion barely promoted the fights, most of the media (including myself) failed to cover the festivities, and fans online aren't making any noise whatsoever. On the contrary, Bellator MMA is hosting one of its finest cards ever. After looking at the dozens of bouts taking place, I selected four that truly deserve your attention. Without further ado, let's get to it:

4. Artem Lobov vs. Teruto Ishihara

These two guys could be doing something as trivial as filming a cooking show and I would still gladly tune in. The contrast in personalities is hilarious. While Artem is a silent, respectful Russian warrior who has humbly accepted the Irish culture, Teruto Ishihara is a funny, obnoxious character who can get away with calling women 'bitches' because of his Japanese accent. If that isn't enough to get you to watch, let's talk about the bout itself. Ishihara is a young prospect who remains undefeated after three fights in the UFC. A southpaw with good movement, he has knockout power alongside an ability to strike accurately going backwards. Lobov had had a mixed stay with the company, losing two and winning one. Belfast will see a prospect looking to prove himself against a solid gatekeeper. If Teruto can get the victory, many people will board the hype train. Plus, casual fans might get to see Conor McGregor, since rumors state he will be on Artem's corner.

- Fight Night 99

3. Michael Venom Page vs. Fernando Gonzales

Continuing the theme of prospects looking to prove themselves, Michael Venom Page will step into the cage once again at Bellator 165. I shouldn't have to tell you, but this man undoubtedly has star potential. His standup is great, his style is extremely unorthodox, and his bouts are highly entertaining. His last knockout is the most vicious and destructive one I've seen in my life (opened his opponent's skull). The only thing keeping me from calling the 29-year old 'the best fighter outside the UFC' is the fact that he hasn't faced the best in the world. So far, he seems to be content fighting clearly inferior opposition. Tomorrow, he'll face (and likely defeat) Fernando Gonzales. I'm excited to see MVP perform. And who knows, he might call out a certain Rory MacDonald in the post-fight interview.

- Bellator 165

2. Gegard Mousasi vs. Uriah Hall

Ever since their first encounter, a part of me has always wanted to see this rematch. Personally, I believe Gegard is the superior martial artist. He has been consistently great throughout his career, showing expertise in every aspect of the game. Inversely, Uriah Hall is a video game-like figure who has shown glimpses of brilliance at some points, but inconsistency is the word that best defines him. This Saturday, Mousasi looks to set the record straight. If The dreamcatcher can avenge his loss against Hall, he'll be one step closer to the title shot. The clash of styles leads me to think this fight will end with fireworks, regardless of the result.

- Fight Night 99

1. Benson Henderson vs. Michael Chandler

Without a shadow of a doubt, Bellator 165 will host the most exciting bout this weekend. In the evening's main event, Michael Chandler will defend his Lightweight championship against former UFC title holder Benson Henderson. This is an excellent matchup! Both men are well-rounded beasts, and they'll get to battle it out for 25 minutes. Ever since Henderson made the transition into Bellator, he has looked less than impressive. Nonetheless, Chandler is exactly the kind of athlete that can bring out the best in Benson. This is a must-watch, ladies and gentlemen!

- Fight Night 99


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