The Best Flyweights in UFC History

They're definitely the small fellas. But, they're also some of the fastest, most technical mixed martial artists in the UFC. Today, we'll be counting down my picks for the best flyweights in UFC history. Initially, I was looking for five names. Sadly, I could only find four athletes that truly deserve to be called the best in their division. If you want me to do this for any other division, please let me know. Without further ado, let's get to it:

Kyoji Horiguchi

When it comes to underrated fighters, Japan's Kyoji Horiguchi instantly comes to mind. At only 26 years of age, this prospect continues to improve from appearance to appearance. Signed in 2013, he rapidly climbed the rankings after winning his first four bouts. Opponents simply couldn't keep up with his lightning quick offense, excellent range control, and vicious ground and pound. In his fifth fight with the company, he challenged Demetrious Johnson for the belt. As expected, Mighty Mouse unveiled some of the holes in his game, primarily takedown defense. However, Kyoji proved that he is fully committed to improving his craft. Since the title loss, he has moved to the US and is currently training at American Top Team. This amazing decision will just add wrinkles to his toolset, and I can't wait to see where he goes from here. Mark my words: Horiguchi is a future champion.

John Dodson

Before entering the octagon, John Dodson is all smiles. However, once that door closes, he becomes a 125-pound Speedy Gonzales with Dan Henderson levels of power. Scary combination. Now, Dodson is presently competing at bantamweight. Nevertheless, he made quite an impact during his brief stay at flyweight. His incredibly tactical boxing, high IQ, and ridiculous explosiveness allowed him to rush past all competition (picking up some brutal finishes along the way). After failing to capture the belt on two occasions (he almost beat DJ the first time), he returned to the weight in which he won The Ultimate Fighter 14, back in 2011.

Joseph Benavidez

In a sport full of extraordinary athletes, Joseph Benavidez sticks out like a sore thumb. This guy is an absolute maniac. Whenever he performs, he throws caution out of the window and puts it all in search of victory. Extremely versatile, I particularly enjoy his complex movement. It's very hard to read when he'll make a move, which makes it shockingly hard to defend against his attacks. Having said that, Joe Jitsu doesn't receive the love he undoubtedly deserves. In many ways, Benavidez is the Daniel Cormier of the flyweight division. An elite fighter who is getting overshadowed by a legend in his prime.With 28 professional fights, he has merely been defeated 4 times. By who, you might ask? Mighty Mouse (twice) and Dominick Cruz (twice).

Demetrious Johnson

Finally, we get to the best 125er in MMA. The only Flyweight champion in UFC history (since September 2012), Mighty Mouse symbolizes greatness. Tremendously underrated by the masses, this guy is one of the most well-rounded competitors in combat sports. From his striking to his clinch and ground game, everything aspect of his craft is performed at an elite level. With eight consecutive title defenses, he has decisively beaten world-class opposition such as Ian McCall, Joseph Benavidez, and John Dodson. Without a shadow of a doubt, he has wiped out the division. A man on a mission, he's looking to break Anderson Silva's record for most title defenses in a row. If he maintains his form, I don't see who could stop him from doing exactly that.

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