Why I'm Not Buying The PS4 Pro

This past September, PlayStation held a meeting to officially unveil the future of the brand. The vital announcement was the reveal of PS4Pro, a high-end update to the PS4. After some pondering, I made my decision: I will not acquire the machine. Please keep in mind, this is merely my opinion on the matter. If you're patiently counting down the days until you can pick it up, more power to you. Without further ado, this is why I'm not buying the PS4Pro:

No Real Purpose

First off, I'm yet to fully understand WHY the PS4 Pro is releasing. That right there is a consequential quandary. The specs are out, and...sure, they're somewhat satisfying. Although the machine isn't powerful enough to be considered as the commencement of a new generation, it's definitely an amelioration over the pristine PlayStation 4. Having said that, you won't relish the improvements unless you own a 4K television set that supports HDR. Without it, there's little reason to upgrade. In short, it's a luxury item. One that doesn't really need to exist. If anything, this luxurious system may end up being a long-term error on Sony's part. It engenders countless marketing issues while complicating the existence of an original piece of hardware that was dominating the charts.

Picture this: 'Sony emerges to announce that the PS5 is currently in development. With massive improvements to graphics, performance, and superior VR support, it will launch in 2018. End of conference.' Sounds much better, doesn't it?

Release Date

Indeed, PS4 Pro is launching at a very bizarre date. As many of you know, PS VR has finally been released, with a $399 ($549.99 if you're Canadian) price tag. On the other hand, Pro is being released November 10, with the same exact cost. When you put it in perspective, that accounts for two $400 PlayStation-related purchases in a single month. It's painfully clear that the majority of buyers will walk off the store with only one of these units, ultimately limiting sales for both devices. Personally, my budget will surely allow me to purchase PS VR. Sadly, that isn't the case when it comes to the marginally upgraded console.

Voting With My Wallet

Finally, I won't be buying the refreshed-PS4 as a way to send Sony a message. Now, I don't mean to sound like an arrogant jerk when I say this. Nevertheless, I'm a firm believer in voting with your wallet. I'll be the first in line to pick up my VR headset because I completely support the project. Plus, it feels like something PlayStation users genuinely have been dying to experience. No console gamer was asking for this. If you honestly care that much about the slight graphical improvements that are being done here, you likely play your games on a PC. Consoles are supposed to be about hefty hardware enhancements. Not triennial reiterations with minor updates. I'm resistant to having a market that operates similarly to the mobile space. Not purchasing the system is something I'm willing to do to get my message across.

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