Rae Sremmurd - Sremmlife 2 Album Review

Rae Sremmurd is a rap duo consisting of brothers Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi. The team burst onto the scene in early 2015, when they released their debut project, Sremmlife. Featuring enormous radio hits like 'No Flex Zone', 'No Type', and 'Throw Sum Mo', the album went on to be dubbed as 'the party of the year'. More than 12 months later, they have returned with the long-awaited sequel. Honestly, it exceeded my expectations.

Now, when it comes to these guys, all I'm expecting is loud club bangers. If you're searching for sharp lyricism and thought-provoking content, you will leave disappointed and possibly confused. Similarly to their previous body of work, there is not a lot to praise here in the 'bars' department. However, there aren't a lot of corny lines. In an era where commercial hip-hop is all about discrediting what actual rapping is, Rae Sremmurd does a decent job in my eyes. Not great, but definitely not awful. They mostly talk about the girls they're banging, the money they're stacking, and the drugs they're doing. Still, sometimes there are quick punchlines you truly don't see coming ("Big watch on, feel like Ben 10").

Having said that, they're something really special about the way they brag. Their delivery is incredibly captivating. The same can be said when it comes to their hooks. They're quite frankly brilliant. Extremely catchy and fascinating. 'Real Chill' and 'Look Alive' were stuck in my head thanks to the wonderful choruses.

Moving on, production is pretty good all around. There is a welcomed variety of sounds and patterns. Like always, the focus is put into vibes, atmosphere, and basslines. Mike Will Made It and his crew were able to craft a set of top-notch instrumentals. It simply feels a lot more serious and elaborated, which I enjoyed.

While I thought the project would be nothing but turn-up tracks, there is a surprising amount of 'deeper' cuts. Half of Sremmlife 2 is on the hype mode we're all accustomed to. The results are mostly positive. These dudes understand how to make a banger. 'Black Beatles' and 'Start a Party' are perfect examples. At worst, some of the songs can feel uninspired, such as 'Do Yoga' (despite the relaxing beat) or generic. Looking at you, 'Set The Roof' and 'Over Here'.

Nevertheless, the other half switches things up. Slowing down the party in order to prioritize vocals, melodies, and laid-back moments. For the most part, I enjoyed the other side they showed through these songs. Again, big fan of 'Look Alive'. Having said that, I wish they gave us greater details. In 'Came a Long Way', the brothers spit over this introspective piano melody about coming up from nothing. They spit lines like 'If I ever write a book about the shit I been through, it'd be the greatest story ever told.' But I wish they did a better job at painting the picture of their past and struggles. It helps listeners relate.

Lastly, the deluxe edition of the album is only 55 minutes, which is perfect. As you might know, my musical philosophy surrounds around 'short and sweet'.

Verdict: Although slightly less cohesive than the original entry, Sremmlife 2 is no sophomore slump. Through catchy hooks and varied production, this ends up being a solid project.

Favorite Tracks: Look Alive, Black Beatles, Real Chill
Least Favorite Tracks: Over Here, Set The Roof
Overall: Solid Listen (Drugs Required)

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