Hitman Episode 4: Club 27 Review - A Bangkok Execution

If you're ever plotting a murder, a humongous hotel is probably your ideal location. Featuring hundreds of rooms, gardens, basements, kitchens, and showers, it ultimately presents opportunity. That's exactly what a Hitman playground should possess, and that's one of the reasons why 'Club 27' is a fantastic level,

As you might know, this new Hitman game is being released with an episodic structure. As soon as it was announced, the Internet exploded with fans criticizing the design choice. Quite honestly, I was one of them. While I never publicly revealed my disapproval, I just didn't understand why they couldn't wait and release the entire product at once. However, the quality of some of the previous levels proved that there could still be a top-notch game despite the time in-between releases. After slightly stumbling with 'Marrakesh', episode 4 brought back my positive spirits.

Now, for the 'Club 27' mission, Agent 47 travels to the exotic Himmapan luxury hotel and resort, located in Bangkok. While not as grand as Sapienza's fictitious Italian village, this is an incredibly well-realized open world map. With golden elephant statutes and kind employees, everything genuinely looks and feels like a state of the art facility. Again, not the largest location, but it's extremely vertical and self-contained. It is also beautiful, sun-drenched, and full of things to do.

Another thing I truly enjoy is the fact that your targets are authentically bad human beings. While previous murders seems to be done solely because you're being ordered to, I'd still want to kill these people if I encountered them in a cooking game (weird thing to say). A spoilt singer who murdered his girlfriend with no punishment, and the greasy lawyer who allowed that to happen. Similarly to previous entries, Club 27 lets you decide how to approach each execution. Each target is located in a separate part of the map, and the combinations in which you can tackle the challenge are endless. You can attack at a birthday party, disguise yourself as a band member, and many more. This encourages you to explore every inch of the delightful resort, and of course, it heavenly increases replayability.

Finally, the story took a turn for the better. Because of the gameplay and the episodic release schedule, it feels like there isn't much to the plot. You know who the villain is, but there hasn't been a lot of character development. Even if there's a single cutscene around the end of the experience, it tells us that every murder we've done is part of an elaborated conspiracy theory. I'll wait until after the last episode is released to fully analyse the story, but for now, the bone is lacking a ton of meat.

Verdict: While not as perfect as Sapienza, Club 27 is a hotel getaway to die for. The gorgeous map is the perfect background for a high-stakes mission that will have you hooked for hours to come.

The Good
- Gorgeus Location
- Gameplay Variety
- High Levels of Replayability

The Bad
- Story is Lacking

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