Bobby Tarantino by Logic - Mixtape Review

Before getting into the review, let me say this: I'm a big Logic fan. From his Young Sinatra mixtapes to his sophomore album "The Incredible True Story", I'm very familiar with his work. In my mind, Logic is one of the best new school rappers. He's a natural lyricist, his flow is crazy and he's a positive artist. After two great conceptual, introspective albums, he has decided to return to his roots and drop a surprise mixtape. Bobby Tarantino is a 'turn-up' project (entirely produced by longtime collaborator/producer 6ix) for his fans to enjoy while he works on his third conceptual album. Anyways, here's what I thought about it:

1. illuminatro
This is why I appreciate this man. He does the weirdest things for reasons known to nobody but himself. 'illuminatro' is an intro you're supposed to play backwards. Once you do, Logic talks to his fans, warning them that Bobby Tarantino displays a different musical style. He also mentions that his next album is 'something special'. Finally, the transition from this to 'Flexicution' is incredibly smooth. There's nothing to review here, so let's move on.

2. Flexicution
The first single we heard, I initially didn't care about this track. However, it slowly grew on me. The instrumental packs a punch, with a heavy bassline and a catchy melody. When it comes content, it's pretty basic. He mainly mentions the money he's making, while throwing some nerdy references (including Indiana Jones). Nonetheless, his flow and versatility is perfectly showcased. Towards the end of 'Flexicution', the beat switches up and we get this melodic outro with beautiful vocals by Jess Andrea, John Lindahl, and Logic himself. Nothing crazy, but it's pretty good in the car.

3. The Jam
This is arguably the hardest track in the mixtape. Over a repetitive, yet hot instrumental, Logic flows his ass off. His delivery is charismatic and slightly aggressive, which I very much enjoyed. Like always, he understands the art of crafting lines, even if they're not packing sharp punchlines. He does a lot of flexing, comparing his upcoming body of work to Kanye West's 'Graduation'. While I wasn't the biggest fan of the way he used auto-tune during the verses, I didn't mind the utilization during the hook. Overall, dope banger.

4. Slave II
In this one, Logic goes in-depth on his current state in the rap game and feeling like a slave to the genre. The first half of the song has him singing over a recreated version of Bryson Tiller's "Rambo". Although he successfully demonstrates his vocal ability, his delivery is too laid-back and slow for my particular taste. Still, the beat switches into this fast-paced banger and Logic spits some fast lines about Kanye, his instagram, and selling out shows. Not mad at this one.

5. A Word From Our Sponsors
"A Word From Out Sponsors" brings back Marty Randolph, a hilarious character who constantly shows up in his Young Sinatra series. In here, Randolph calls RattPack Industries to leave a voicemail, and while he waits for costumer service, he hears a word from one of their biggest sponsors (YaLocalWhiteBoy). He pokes fun at himself, and the entire thing had me smiling. Lastly, I can't be the only one who thought the elevator music was flames, right? Like always, I don't score interludes.

6. Wrist (feat. Pusha T)
"Wrist" is a loud, hard-hitting banger. It keeps 6ix's streak alive, producing an insane beat for Logic and OG Pusha to spit some charismatic verses. Lyricism is actually present. Logic role-plays as a Colombian drug lord who is reflecting on his personal decisions. In turn, Pusha T details the effect of cocaine dealing into the hands of a young man.

7. Super Mario World
I can see people disliking this song for a variety of reasons, but it honestly appeals to me. The title is a reference to the 8-bit style of the production, complimented by a powerful bassline. Nonetheless, Logic is the star of 'Super Mario World'. He's just having fun, creating the hook on the spot, and shouting out Childish Gambino, Uncharted 4 (you can read my review here), and Jurassic Park. A wavy, well-crafted track.

8. Studio Ambience At Night: Malibu
In this 8th track, Logic gives us a sneak peek into his recording sessions. He shares a snippet of the intro to his third album, which sounds really good. He seems to be very confident in the quality of his next body of work, and it definitely has me hyped. Nothing to score.

9. 44 Bars
This is easily my favorite song in this mixtape. Logic spits exactly 44 bars, no hooks or bridges. He details his struggles, pain, and determination to work as hard as he could to achieve his dreams. There are multiple quotables, including "Felt like I would've sold my soul to make it with this rap shit, Thank God he never let Lucifer close enough to ask". Did I forget to mention the beautifully-introspective beat features a crazy sample of Barrington Levy’s 'The Vibes Is Right'?

10. Slave
Why have the first 'Slave' after the second one? Because why not, I guess. Anyways, the two tracks share a similar theme, except this one is much more energetic and positive. It deals with being a slave to your craft, and not stopping until you're satisfied. He also discusses his race over fancy, colorful production. The hook is melodic, the flows are there, and Logic rides the production with ease.

11. Deeper Than Money
Bobby Tarantino's outro is another great song. 6ix does a wonderful crafting a beat that reminds me of an African tribe, with a fascinating drum-line. The first half of the song is from the perspective of someone that believes money will bring them happiness. The second half is from Logic’s perspective, telling the listener what makes him happy. Even more impressive, it's entirely freestyled. Which obviously means the lyrical depth occasionally declines, but it's all about the vibes and general message. It's important to mention that there is clearly a Kendrick Lamar influence in the production and Logic's vocal intonation. Regardless, dope way to close the project.

Verdict: Bobby Tarantino masterfully serves its purpose;this 30-minute mixtape should leave fans satisfied until he decides to reveal the already highly-anticipated third album. It's loud, short, sweet, and consistently good from top to bottom. I envision myself playing this body of work for a while.

Favorite Tracks
- 44 Bars
- The Jam
- Deeper Than Money
- Wrist
- Super Mario World

Least Favorite Tracks
- Slave II

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