This Month's 5 Best Hip-Hop Songs - June 2016

Another month of great music has gone by, and so, I show you the 5 best rap songs you might have missed for a number of reasons. As always, I'm including the best songs from indie rappers, popular rappers, and everything in between. With that being said, let's go:

5. Jarren Benton - Slow Motion 2 Intro

I really like Jarren Benton. A dirty spitter from Atlanta, he's known for his hilarious punchlines and heavy beats. In this one, Jarren uses a grimy beat made out of a distorted vocal melody to announce the sequel to his 'Slow Motion' EP. From the loud instrumental, to the ruthless attacks directed at producer Kato and his mom, this is a dope song.

4. Logic feat. Pusha T - Wrist

Logic is one of my favorite new school rappers. As of late, he's been playing around with new sounds. While his last single 'Flexicution' was an enjoyable banger, I believe this one is ten times better. 6ix continues his streak, producing an insane beat for Logic and OG Pusha to spit some charismatic verses.

3. YG - Who Shot Me?

YG just released a new album, titled 'My Brazy Life'. It's his best work to date. The entire body of work desperately screams '90's West Coast!'. Every track has basslines and synthesizers that instantly place you in LA. Nevertheless, 'Who Got Shot?' may be my favorite cut. YG gets personal, detailing the incident that left him with three bullets in his body. He perfectly raps about the anger, fear, and paranoia that followed the traumatic incident. Fantastic song.

2. Drake - 4pm In Calabasas

If you read my review, you know what I thought 'Views' was a huge disappointment. It just didn't live up to my expectations. A couple of weeks after the release, Drake decided to randomly release this gem. To be honest, I sincerely believe this one is better than 90% of his album. He finally sounds inspired, dropping some heavy bars and using clever metaphors over a soulful instrumental.

1. Danny Brown - When It Rain

Danny Brown is the definition of realness. One of the most unique artists out there, he stuck to his musical vision and found a unique lane in the hip hop game. His skills are out of this world and he's extremely versatile. After releasing two wonderful projects, he went silent for too long. Well, he's finally back with a new single. 'When It Rain' is one of the craziest songs I've heard this year, and it leaves me dying to hear Danny's new project.

Disclaimer: If you're reading this in the future, some of the YouTube links might be broken. I still recommend you to go and check the songs out. I'M GIVING YOU GREAT MUSIC!

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