E3 2016: 5 Predictions!

If you love video games, you are aware that June is a special month. It’s our Christmas! E3 is the annual gaming conference in which we get to see new games, announcements and price drops. This year, I came up with 5 predictions (some bold, some obvious) that I hope become true. Hit me up on Twitter and let me know your predictions!

5. PS4 Neo Announced + Price

I will eventually talk in depth about why I believe the PS4K is a bad idea. If you want a quick summary: I don't believe the market needs it. The original PS4 is just a couple years old, and an updated, pricier machine is simply not needed (yet). Sony will divide their audience, while giving extra work to developers. Still, there's more than enough evidence to suggest the 'advanced' PS4 will be shown at E3. I expect a September release date alongside a $449.99 price tag.

4. The Last Guardian Releasing This Summer

In 2015, I predicted The Last Guardian being announced using the following words: "It must be ready. You’ve probably seen this prediction for the past 7 years, but damn it, THIS HAS TO BE THE YEAR!". Sure enough, it wasn't. Nevertheless, my hope is not dead. I predict Team Ico will come out and announce the game has been finished. Before leaving the stage, they'll surprise the audience by promising that the game is releasing in less than 2 months.

3. Sequel City, B*TCH!

This idea didn't just come out of nowhere. Outlets around the globe have been reporting the possible appearance of multiple sequels at E3. Wolfenstein: The New Order 2, The Evil Within 2, Prey 2, Watch Dogs 2, Injustice 2. The good thing? I'm excited about all of them!

2. Strong PS VR Presence (Sports Title)

PS VR is less than 6 months away. So far, it doesn't feel like it's getting the marketing push it deserves. E3 is the perfect chance to get the virtual reality festivities started. I expect Sony to share their plans to support the system, alongside some exclusive game announcements. Specifically, I predict the uncovering of a sports title. Basketball? MMA? Baseball? Not sure. I do realize said title will make us sweat like stuffed pigs.

1. Read Dead Redemption 2

Indeed folks, it's time for Rockstar to announce Red Dead 2. The original western open world came out SIX YEARS AGO. Now, I love the fact that Rockstar makes you beg for their titles. Nonetheless, when you release one of the greatest pieces of media ever created, you might not want to wait that long. Fans want it, and it's bound to make a ton of revenue. I believe...No, I know the game will be announced, with a Fall 2016 release date.

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