A 6-Man Tag Team Title Could Work in WWE’s New Era

WWE’s much-touted “New Era” needs to differentiate itself from WWE of old. Their roster of new Superstars and feuds could benefit from fresh titles to squabble over.

With a number of 3-person factions this may be an opportunity for WWE to introduce a 6-Man Tag Team Championship.

First consider the established potential contenders: New Day, The Bloodline, The Wyatt Family, The Club, and Social Outcasts, all comprised of at least 3 members.

Following the recent announcement of Smackdown going live Tuesday nights on USA Network beginning July 19, along with WWE revisiting split brands with unique Superstar lineups, fans have been suggesting they again have two tag titles – one for RAW, one for Smackdown.

The historic World Tag Team Championships were introduced in 1971. After becoming RAW-exclusive during WWE’s original brand extension, Smackdown’s WWE Tag Team Championships debuted in 2002. Rivals for 8 years, both tag straps were unified in 2010.

Creating yet another traditional tag title just 6 years later seems a bit unnecessary. But a 6-man title? That’s distinctive. They would be to WWE, anyway.

National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) saw several legends vie for their World Six-Man Tag Team Championships from 1955 to 1989, including Dusty Rhodes, The Road Warriors, The Powers of Pain, and The Russians (Ivan Koloff, Nikita Koloff, and Baron von Raschke).

World Championship Wrestling (WCW) introduced their short-lived World 6-Man Tag Team Championship in February of 1991, crowning the legendary trifecta of Junkyard Dog, Tommy Rich, and Ricky Morton. The Fabulous Freebirds would also have a reign before the titles were retired just 9 months later.

Known as World Trios in storied Mexican promotion AAA, these 6-man titles are highly coveted by Lucha libre’s best.

Lucha Underground introduced their own Trios in 2015 with exciting results; matches featuring former champions Angelico, Ivelisse & Son of Havoc alone have been viewed on YouTube more than a million times.

This type of viewership for 6-man tag title contention could be greater with WWE’s considerably larger worldwide audience, and just right for their “New Era” branding.

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