1MORE Dual Drivers Headphones Review

If you're a fan of our site, you should know we love music. But with the wrong piece of equipment, even the most beautiful song will sound like utter crap. Now, I've had all kinds of headphones. From the $400+ overpriced ones, to the $5 plastic cords you buy at Walmart (and subsequently stop working 10 minutes later). I recently decided to give the 1MORE Dual Driver Headphones a chance, and I believe they might be the most complete, affordable set I've tried this year.


The first thing I noticed as soon as I took the package out of the shipping envelope is how luxurious everything looked. And that's a recurrent theme when it comes to the design: luxury. Everything about the Dual Drivers is top-notch. 1MORE wants you to feel like getting headphones is a religious experience. An attractive storage case, an elegant leather traveling bag, 4 sets of silicone ear tips of various sizes, and even an airplane adapter. I've never seen this amount of detail when it comes to accessories. It was greatly appreciated.

When it comes to the earphones themselves, design continues to be fantastic (for the most part). The Dual Driver attracted many compliments and looks, thanks to their white and gold color and cord length. They slip right in your ear, without falling every 30 seconds. On top of that, they also feature an in-line remote control that allows you to effortlessly control volume, select songs, and take calls (thanks to its microphone). When it comes to negatives, I only have a minor one. The cord's material. The top-half of the cord is made out of your usual TPE. However, the bottom half is built with high strength Kevlar (a rope-life fabric) that keeps them from getting tangled. The problem? The material is easily tainted. After a couple of days, I dropped some coffee on myself. While the TPE just rubbed it off, the Kevlar was left with a brown stain that never went away.


This is the most important aspect when it comes to music. After all, I'd have no problem using the ugliest pair of headphones as long as I was happy with the quality. To be honest, the Dual Drivers sounds amazing! 1MORE was able to deliver an extremely accurate sound experience. The overall sound is balanced, warm, and rich. The bass and treble are present, without being boosted. Drums are crisp. Singing vocals are clear and soft, whilst podcast will showcase the deep range the earphones possess. What I really enjoy is the butter-like smoothness when it comes to sound in frequencies. Nothing is too harsh. Just the right balance. I can only assume 1MORE's Triple Drivers are even better in clarity. But, the dual drivers are a wonderful setup!

Verdict: Are the Dual Drivers worth the price? Absolutely! Even if they were $99.99, they would be more than worth it. From the sleek design, to the outstanding sound quality, they are a must buy for anyone who wants to dive into the audio world at a fair price.

The Good
- Unrivaled Sound Quality
- Elegant Design
- Fantastic Amount of Detail
- Ergonomic Experience
- Cord's Length

The Bad
- Cord Can Acquire Stains

If you want to purchase the Dual Drivers, here's their Amazon link. Let me know what you think!


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