Konnichiwa by Skepta - Album Review

In a world of Hip-Hop where anything that breaks from the norm feels like a breath of fresh air, it’s easy to be reminded that breathing is done in short, involuntary intervals. Skepta’s latest album, Konnichiwa, brings a welcomed change of pace, only if it only lasts for a minute.

The British born MC’s 4th studio album sounds as if the Wu-Tang Clan was formed in today’s Hip-Hop landscape, and U-God was, well, British. The beats are rugged, rough, and hardcore with an MC who posses a liquid sword type flow. But let's not get too excited just yet, this is hardly the British Invasion.

While Konnichiwa does have its fair share of head-nodding moments, there are many skippable tracks. Songs like, “It Ain’t Safe” and “That's Not Me” are perfect examples of generic rap songs that are one level above the line, “my name is Skepta and I’m here to say…” While the flow is nice and the British accent makes it sound “different,” the context of the songs are Hip-Hop 101.

But hey, every album has throw-away tracks, so let’s not dismiss the entire piece of work just yet. I did say something about “head-nodding moments.” “Man” and “Detox” are two good cuts of “OK, I see you!” moments and are those breaths of fresh air I was talking about earlier.

The overall feel of the album is that it’s different. For better and worse. Just because I have no idea what the underground, British, Hip-Hop scene is like, it shouldn’t make me discount an album. I have no idea why in a skit, Skepta says the word “Fam” after every sentence during a conversation with a friend.

Don’t let my ignorance sway you either way.

However; everybody likes an English accent, so maybe I am nodding my head to a pre-packaged rap song because, hey, it sounds neat. The production on Konnichiwa is fantastic. Real good. Because it’s simple. Its very much like listening to a Fetty Wap track, except it has a grimey RZA feel to it, and I’ll tell you what, that’s something new.

Now if you’re afraid of change, don’t worry, “Ladies Hit Squad” is the song for you. It’s the “Netflix and Chill” song on the album that you would swear you heard on a Drake’s B-sides and Rarities tape. It may or may not be your cup of tea, but at least those Brits know a thing or two about tea, so it’s worth giving a listen.

Verdict: Konnichiwa is worth giving a listen to. It’s something different and is a breath of fresh air… even if it’s only for a short, forgettable while. 

When/ Where/ and Why You Should Listen to this Album:

When: Anytime you want to impress your friends with your “ear” for new music and LOVE the phrase, “Told Ya!”

Where: In the background. Playing 2K17 and needing something to listen to.

Why: Because you hate the last Wu-Tang album and think they named it, “A Better Tomorrow” because hopefully it will sound better tomorrow.

By: Nick Angelo

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