Could John Cena’s Return Be to Lead The Club?

Hulk Hogan’s all-American good guy credo was built on these three principles: Train, say your prayers, and eat your vitamins. The Hulkster famously, and quite shockingly, threw them aside when he joined villainous “Outsiders” Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to form the NWO at WCW Bash at the Beach on July 7, 1996.

John Cena’s credo of “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” has defined his never-give-up character for more than a decade. Many have suggested he ditch the mostly child-friendly heroics to embrace negative reactions he garners from diehard wrestling fans around the world.

WWE and Cena announced he would return to action from injury on May 30, the Memorial Day episode of Monday Night RAW. Expected to salute the fans on the way to the ring, could this night mark the beginning of the good soldier’s burial?

A much-hyped “new era” of WWE has been highlighted by a feud between “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns.

The seed for their dual was planted when Styles debuted as entrant #3 at Royal Rumble 2016, with only champion Reigns in the ring to greet him. That seed has since sprouted into a war that now includes Reigns’ real life cousins, former WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos, and Styles’ Bullet Club buddies from New Japan, former IWGP Tag Team Champions Doc Gallows and “Machinegun” Karl Anderson.

Gallows and Anderson have targeted the Samoan relatives since their April 25th RAW debut. They were expected to use underhanded tactics to assist Styles in his quest to defeat Reigns for the championship. Styles, however, has declined their involvement, wanting to best Reigns using only his world-renowned championship merit.

Cena versus Styles is considered to be a dream match. It’s also been speculated Cena would challenge Reigns for the title upon his return. Perhaps we’re about to witness that dream come true, and then some.

Let’s say there’s another elimination match pitting The Club (Styles, Anderson, Gallows) against The Family (Reigns and The Usos), only this time one of the Uso gets mysteriously injured backstage before the bout. Now a 3-on-2, Reigns eventually finds himself alone versus Styles and company.

Anderson and Gallows are going for the finish in a manner AJ doesn’t agree with. Out of nowhere, and to the surprise of everyone, Cena runs in to make the save. Gallows and Anderson quickly exit the ring, leaving Cena alone with Reigns.

Without warning Cena hits his Attitude Adjustment finisher on Reigns, leaving the crowd in shock.

Styles confronts Cena in the middle of the ring regarding his actions only to be attacked from behind by his partners Gallows and Anderson. Cena executes AA on Styles. The 3 men salute each other. Crowd’s in total disbelief.

Cena grabs a microphone, reintroducing themselves as The Cenation, maybe even The Cena Club.

Nearly 20 years since the historic Hogan heel turn, it remains a much talked about twist no one (except Bobby “The Brain” Heenan) saw coming. The birth of “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan and the New World Order changed the entire landscape of professional wrestling. WWE’s new era needs its defining moment.

It’s been rumored WWE’s June 29th live event in Honolulu will air on WWE Network under the name “Bash at the Beach”. The event’s current promotional picture features Reigns, Cena, and Styles. Let that sink in like you’re sunbathing.|

By Mr. Joe Walker


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