WrestleMania 32 Q&A Discussion and Chili Cook-Off

Welcome to RealMenReport.com’s WrestleMania 32 Q&A Discussion and Chili Cook-Off! I’m your host, Mr. Joe Walker, and today we’ve assembled an esteemed panel of professional wrestling fans to share their opinions on WWE’s grandest live event, WrestleMania. The 32nd annual “Granddaddy of Them All” emanates from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX on April 3nd. With a card headlined by Roman Reigns challenging Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, WWE has high hopes for record-breaking attendance of more than 100,000. Joining us today are independent hip-hop artist, poet, and journalist Jamal STEELE; hip-hop artist, producer, video director, graphic designer and philanthropist HighTyde; and award-winning comic book artist, writer and publisher Roc Bottom. I was hoping to round off this panel with WWE Hall of Fame legend, Mick Foley. Turns out Foley has other obligations. So I’ve added a fictional panelist named Spandex Patty Melt.

Let’s get started!

RMR: Okay, guys, why are you a WWE fan? And as its fan is WrestleMania still magical for you?

HighTyde: I'm a WWE fan because, much like the music industry, it's escapism, it's storytelling, it's characters, it's fantasy and reality all wrapped into one. WrestleMania is still a magical time of year. It's the Super Bowl of the sports entertainment industry. From wrestlers to celebrities, from the nostalgia down to the unexpected, from WrestleMania 5 to WrestleMania 32, I'll be watching.

Jamal STEELE: I've been a wrestling fan since the age of 10 watching a replay of Sting vs Ric Flair's classic Clash of the Champions match. I'm a WWE fan because they give you moments of great wrestling sprinkled with drama and unnecessary crap within. WrestleMania still is magical to me because you know the company will attempt to give a great event every year.

Roc Bottom: I’ve been a fan since the Hogan era, you know, around the time he was Thunderlips in Rocky 3. So needless to say, I grew up on the WWE. As far as if WrestleMania is still “magical”… I think that magic had left long ago. Now it’s just hit or miss every year because it went from being “magic” to “what’s best for business.”

Spandex Patty Melt: Spandex Patty Melt feels like Spandex Patty Melt has been a fan of WWE for a long time. Spandex Patty Melt loves to see the slam, baby. When Hogan lost to Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania 6, that was magical because Spandex Patty Melt was just a little boy then. Now Spandex Patty Melt is grown with a thirst for Colt 45 and foxy ladies, and loves to see the slam.

RMR: Given its backlash already, how can WrestleMania 32’s main event of Triple H vs Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship end on a high note?

Roc Bottom: Simple… If Dean Ambrose takes the title somehow.

Jamal STEELE: With WWE Roadblock the only way that anything can be salvaged is make the championship match a triple threat match where we get the Roman Reigns heel turn on Ambrose. Reigns winning the belt, becoming the champ that The Authority wants, pisses Seth Rollins off on his return. And it builds the eventual The Shield triple threat for the belt at SummerSlam.

HighTyde: The only way to end this match on a high note, given that WWE is pushing to put the strap back on Reigns, is they are going to have to dig deeper than they have before to get him over. They are really going to have to make the fans hate Triple H, which is not going to be an easy task.

Spandex Patty Melt: Trust and believe that Spandex Patty Melt ain’t got no problems with Triple H as champion. But when Spandex Patty Melts see Reigns coming down them stairs, Spandex Patty Melt goes to get a pillow and a blanket. This match needs a pinch of Brock Lenars, Dean Ambroses, and Bray Wyatts for added flavors.

RMR: Why is Shane McMahon vs Undertaker a very good idea but also a very bad idea?

Jamal STEELE: The match, I believe, is sketchy as an idea, but the stipulation for Shane is a good idea because I believe that it leads to the return of the brand split. Shane running RAW and The Authority running Smackdown, one world champ; but SmackDown being NXT light - the pure wrestling show for the main roster, and sending the US Title to SmackDown and keeping the Intercontinental title on RAW, and having the Women’s title only on SmackDown.

HighTyde: The good? Shane is looking to be in the greatest shape of his life. The Undertaker is always a spectacle, even with the streak broken his matches always draw attention. The bad? Shane is pushing late 40s. The Undertaker is pushing into his 50s. How much do both competitors have to offer that their bodies will allow that the fans haven't seen yet? I guess we'll see come April.

Roc Bottom: I honestly don’t think it’s going to go down that way. I think that some one will step in and take Shane-O-Mac’s place and wrestle for him. I just don’t see Shane coming back after years of no in-ring action, taking on the Undertaker of all people. And whoever it is they may have on deck to fight on Shanes behalf, they have to keep tight lipped about it. Hell, could possibly be a certain “master of the pipe bomb”! By the way, if I’m right… I want full credit for this!

Spandex Patty Melt: Correct Spandex Patty Melt if Spandex Patty Melt is wrong, but Spandex Patty Melt believes Spandex Patty Melt saw Undertaker fight toof and nails with CM Punk, Mark Henry, Triple H, Rick Flair, HBK, and Brock Lesnars – which he lost. So why the heck Shane gone have his @$$ off in that Cell for? He ain’t on they level!

RMR: What are the matches you really want and dream to see?

Roc Bottom: Personally, I'd like to see CM Punk vs. Seth Rollins for the title.

Jamal STEELE: Zayn vs Owens - IC Ladder Match; Kalisto vs Del Rio vs Ryback - US title match; Lesnar vs Wyatt - No Holds Barred match; Ambrose vs HHH vs Reigns - WWE Championship triple threat match; and AJ Styles vs Jericho - 2 out of 3 falls match.

HighTyde: Sting vs. Undertaker, for nostalgia purposes. Going forward with the new school - AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens.

Spandex Patty Melt: Spandex Patty Melt would have just loved to have seent HBK vs Sting or HBK vs AJ Styles, baby.

RMR: Deep down in your heart do you at all feel AJ Styles is going to steal the show?

HighTyde: He has to, and he will. Since his debut in the WWE, Styles, to me, has made a bigger impact than even the icon, Sting. This is AJ’s time to shine, he has the experience, he's as over as he ever will be.

Jamal STEELE: Yes! This is AJ Styles’ first WrestleMania going against a heel Jericho. This has the makings of match of the year! Styles wants to show that he belongs in WWE, and I know that he wants to prove he's main event status. He's gonna kill WrestleMania 32.

Roc Bottom: I don’t think he’ll steal the show, but I think he will bring some much needed excitement to the card. It’s already being built up to Jericho vs. Styles at Mania, so we’ll have another instance where Jericho lays down for a younger wrestler on the grandest stage of them all. I think it kinda cheats Styles in a way. I’d much rather see Styles vs. Samoa Joe at Mania.

Spandex Patty Melt: He’d better not steal the show or put his hands on it. Vince will suspend him if he do.

RMR: Okay’ I’m going to throw you a doozy for this last question. Can and will NXT Takeover: Dallas be better than WrestleMania 32?

Roc Bottom: Honestly… It’s possible. NXT is where the REAL talent is, anyway. I enjoy watching that over the other brands because of the fact that it’s the breeding ground for talent and these guys are hungry. So given what we know about the matches we are going to get at Mania, not much stands out. So NXT could easily steal the spotlight from the Granddaddy of all wrestling shows.

Jamal STEELE: I believe it will be better; Zayn's last match on the NXT roster against Nakamura, Joe defeating Balor for the belt, Bayley vs Asuka is gonna be a match of the year contender. NXT never disappoints.

HighTyde: I can't say it will be better, but I can say all eyes are on NXT. With so many exciting matches and entertaining performers like Balor, NXT has the excitement of WWE in the attitude era as far as fan engagement.

Spandex Patty Melt: The only way NXT Takeover: Dallas can be better than WrestleMania 32 is if Spandex Patty Melt is in the NXT main event against all the WWE foxy ladies, and Spandex Patty Melt defeats all the next foxy ladies with Spandex Patty Melt’s finishing move, The Loin Kabob. |

[Do to creative having no spoons, the Chili Cook-off was granted its release. We wish it luck in its future endeavors.]

By Mr. Joe Walker featuring Jamal STEELE, HighTyde, and Roc Bottom

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