Top 5 Multiplayer Games Coming to the PS4 in 2016

There's nothing like playing an excellent video game alongside a friend. I'm a huge fan of multiplayer games. Some of them solidify your friendships, others ruin them. This week, I decided to talk about 5 of the coolest multiplayer games coming to the PS4 in 2016. It doesn't matter if the multiplayer aspect is online or local, I was just looking for the coolest games you can play with your buddies. Here they are!

5. Gang Beasts

Open a dictionary, and look for the word "fun". Chances are, you'll find a picture of Gang Beasts. This silly, local (and online) multiplayer game has you playing with with adorable, gelatinous characters. The objective: knock each other out of absurdly hazardous environments thanks to a hilarious fight system. Been waiting for this one since 2015, and it's finally coming out!

Platforms: PS4, PC
Release Date: Already out on PC, out in the Summer for PS4 users.

4. No Man's Sky

Often described as an intergalactic Minecraft, No Man's Sky has to be one of the most ambitious games ever created. The game has you visiting an infinite amount of planets and galaxies to collect materials/resources. While I'm still not sure how the multiplayer aspect works, I can't help but wonder how addictive it will be if it actually delivers on its promises.

Platforms: PS4, PC
Release Date: June 21, 2016

3. H1Z1: King of The Hill

This game was supposed to be released on the PS4 ages ago. For the longest time, I genuinely believed the developer would play it out and lock the port in a dark attic. Luckily, I was wrong. It's long awaited release will take place during the summer. and it'll be glorious. For those who don't know, H1Z1 is all about getting a crew together, only to be dropped into a world with multiple teams. Once that happens, your objective is to collect weapons/items and kill the other squads, in order to be called the King of The Hill!

Platforms: PS4, X1, PC
Release Date: Summer 2016

2. Doom

Now, there are a lot of FPS, multiplayer games coming out this year. Call of Duty, Battlefield, and more. And while I'm sure they will all be competitive, enjoyable games, I decided to include Doom. Why? I'm sure no other video game will be as gory and violent as this one. The idea of a good Doom multiplayer mode makes my heart skip a beat!

Platforms: PS4, X1, PC
Release Date: May 13, 2016

1. Alienation

Before we even talk about the game, let's take a second to admire Housemarque's work. Seriously, these guys have been on fire for the past couple of years. Every single game is a blast to play. From Dead Nation to Resogun. Their upcoming game, Alienation, promises to be another spectacular experience. It features three classes, four players drop-in/drop out online co-op, a brand new loot system, an RPG-lite progression and the biggest, most colorful explosions Housemarque has ever pulled off.

Platforms: PS4
Release Date: April 26, 2016

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