The Heart of a Lion, The Right Hand of a Samoan - UFC Fight Night 85 Breakdown

UFC Fight Night finally took place, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sure, it's far from flawless, but I love the fact that UFC rarely disappoints with these events. Every time, there are 2 or 3 matches that could easily be on a PPV. Back to the event, we'll briefly breakdown the main event and co-main event. However, I can't begin without giving Jake Matthews and Johnny Case a shout out. What a technical, athletic fight these guys had! Match of the year contender. With that being said, let's talk about the crazy sequences that took place in Brisbane, Australia!

Neil Magny vs. Hector Lombard

This one was insane! Going in, the biggest question in my head was: Is Hector Lombard going to be as powerful as he was before the steroid bust? The good news is that he is. Within minutes of the first round, he knocked Magny down with a beautiful shot. Once he was down, Hector went all in. Throwing punches in bunches, he was clearly looking for the finish. Now, the biggest factor in this fight was Neil Magny’s heart. Somehow, he managed to get up and finish the round. While I disagree, some people were arguing that the fight should have been stopped during the first round. Still, it wasn't controversial.

By the beginning of the second round, Hector was gassed. And even with the fatigue, he was able to drop Neil a second time with a beautiful left hook. Seriously, Lombard might be the Tyson of MMA. But once again, Neil’s heart changed the course of the match. He got up and dropped Hector to the ground. At that point, Lombard was done. Neil got his back, flattened him out, and started landing punch, after punch, after punch (101 total strikes on the ground). And for some crazy reason, the ref didn't stop the fight. Not sure if he was waiting for one of them to die, or if he bet some money on Lombard, but it should have been stopped. Terrible job by Steve Parceval. What a travesty!

As soon as the third round started, you could tell it wasn't going to last long. Lombard was completely fatigued at best;sadly, he was probably concussed. Again, Magny took him to the ground. And after landing a last dozen of punches, the ref finally stopped it. Overall, amazing heart by Neil, atrocious referring.

Where do these guys go from here? I believe it's time for Magny to get a big fight. After having 11 matches in the last two years, being the first guy to finish Hector Lombard is his biggest accomplishment to date. No doubt about it. The UFC should capitalize and match him up with a big name like Tyron Woodley or Carlos Condit. As for Hector, he should take a break, recover from whatever head damage he might have suffered, and come back to fight another big name who lost his last bout. I can't be the only one who would love to see Hector Lombard vs. Johnny Hendricks.

Mark Hunt vs. Frank Mir

My prediction for Magny vs. Lombard was pretty accurate (Magny by TKO). With this one, I was way off. I honestly believed Mir would be able to take the fight to the ground in order to finish it. That did not happen. From the very beginning, Mir did exactly what I expected him to do: stand with Hunt without engaging too much, trying to get the takedown as soon as possible. Sadly, Hunt was not having it. His takedown defense was flawless. After a couple of minutes, he landed a brutal right hand that put Mir down. It was nice to see the respect these guys had for each other. Hunt immediately knew Mir was done, and walked away without inflicting extra damage. Once again, the super Samoan gets the job done in his hometown,

What's next for these monsters? Hunt is probably getting a match against the loser of Werdum vs. Miopic. Or perhaps, he could clash against the winner of the upcoming JDS vs. Rothwell fight. As for Mir, it's up to him. Personally, I think he has nothing left to prove. He could become an analyst for Fox or something. But then again, if the man is not done, let him fight again. Regardless, he's one of the biggest heavyweights in MMA history.

What's next for the fans? UFC Fight Night 86! JDS, Rothwell, Gonzaga and more. Should be interesting.

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