5 Potential Opponents For Georges St-Pierre's UFC Return

After multiple years full of rumors and speculation, it seems like Georges St-Pierre will step into the octagon in 2016. At first, I didn't really believe all the talk going around. Dana White himself said he didn't think GSP had regained the much needed fire and passion to be a Mixed-Martial-Artist. However, I genuinely believe "Rush" St-Pierre is out looking to shock the doubters. He's been training for a couple of months, and MMA connoisseurs Renzo Gracie and Firas Zahabi think he's ready to make a comeback. Today, I decided to talk about the 5 fighters that Georges could face upon his return. The list is a combination of dream matches, big money fights, and some bouts that would simply be great for the sport. Let's do it!

5. Tyron Woodley

Currently ranked third in the UFC Welterweight division, Tyron Woodley would get a lot from this fight. His last match took place in early 2015, and after failing to get a title shot, he has refused to face anyone other than the champion. Guys like Rory Macdonald and Stephen Thompson currently have more momentum than him, so a victory over St-Pierre would instantly get him a title shot. And I actually think Tyron would give GSP a lot of trouble. When he's on, Woodley is a super exciting fighter. Devastating power and speed. Plus, he has a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and an amateur wrestling background. Could be a great match!

4. Conor McGregor

Do I really have to talk about why Dana White would like to set this one up? A lot of big names reported that the UFC believed Conor would easily defeat Nate Diaz, and the plan was for him to use the post-fight interview to call out GSP and get the match for UFC 200. After Conor's loss, the match was discarded. However, if Conor manages to come out victorious over Diaz at their upcoming rematch, an eventual match with St-Pierre still makes sense. Even if I think George's ground game would be too much for McGregor to handle, can you imagine the amount of PPV buys the event would get? Sweet baby Jesus!

3. Johny Hendricks

Now, a lot of MMA purists have been waiting for this rematch for the longest time. Their original match resulted in an extremely controversial split decision victory for "Rush". Johny Hendricks swore he won, and guys like Dana White and Joe Rogan backed him up. GSP vs. Hendricks 2 would be a great way to clear the air, and it would give St-Pierre a chance to prove himself.

2. Anderson Silva

This fight is probably not going to happen. It was unlikely 6 years ago, and things have only gotten worse. GSP hasn't fought in 3 years, and Silva's retirement is slowly approaching. Still, this was my dream match for a couple of years, so even if the posibilites are extremely slim, I'm still hoping it happens. Would it be as good as the superfight they could have had back in 2010? Absolutely not. However, the thought of these two legends going at it sends a chill down my spine.

1. Robbie Lawler

The number one potential opponent for GSP's return is the UFC Welterweight champion, Robbie Lawler. Were you seriously expecting anybody else? While St-Pierre has shown no interest in this fight, a part of me believes this will be the co-main event of UFC 200. The power and savagery of Robbie Lawler, against the meticulousness and technique of George's St-Pierre. It's a fight both casual and hardcore fans want to see, and it would be a shame if it doesn't occur.

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