Wisdom and Good Vibes Album Review by Dizzy Wright - He Does it Again

Before we get to the review, let's briefly mention the whole Funk Volume situation. For those of you who don't know, Funk Volume is (or was) an independent Hip-Hop label with rappers like Hopsin, Dizzy Wright and Jarren Benton. After an argument between founders Hopsin and Dame Ritter, it seems like FV has come to an end. I was a bit worried Dizzy woudn't fully deliver because of all the problems he's been going through. But I was wrong. This EP is some serious fuego, even if it didn't blow me away.

1. Wisdom And Good Vibes
Dope! Already living up to the title. This small intro is nothing but Dizzy giving us wisdom and funky vibes. Too short to give a score, but solid way to start the project.

2. I Got a Lot of Love to Give
Fun track! So damn funky! Dizzy comes through with an amusing flow, talking about his passion and the love he has for his craft. He also drops a nice wrestling reference. Production is a bit too simple for me, but it's saved by some melodic guitar riffs. It slightly reminded me of ‘The Worst Guys' by Gambino. I wish the song was a bit slower. It just felt a bit too fast. Still, digging the energy!

3. Plotting
Great track! Dizzy kills it! There's no specific concept. He's telling us to stay away from negativity and bad people with an insane flow. The hook is also super short,but effective and catchy. The beat is nothing crazy, but the piano keys that drop in and out are beautiful. Really like this one! Also, the video for this one is out,and it's excellent. Check it out!

4. Work A Lil Harder
This record is fire! Dizzy just snaps, spitting crazy rhyme schemes about his motivations and why he works so hard. Sometimes I forget how versatile Dizzy's flow can be. Production is loud, with a heavy baseline, even if I wish the melody was less generic. Also, nice Bernie endorsement. Dizzy's bangers rock!

5. I Wanted Mo
Let's start with the production. SDot made one of the best beats in the EP. Classy and loud. The piano chords are really laid back, and soulful, while the baseline had the car blowing up. Dizzy talks about wanting more out of life, his career and the world. His flow is pretty abstract and at times lazy, but it's still enjoyable. Not sure what was the point of the interlude at the end. Regardless, good, chill song.

6. Zoovie
This is one of those tracks that work because of the vibes, but I don't adore it. Again, atmosphere is great. The beat is very atmospheric, and very Dizzy delivers his lines with confidence and appropriate vocals. However, he's not saying anything too remarkable. He's talking to a stripper. Not mad at this one, though. It's a decent track!

7. Let Me Live
This is too funky. I LOVE IT! Let's start with the production. MLB & FreezeOnTheBeat killed it! The melody is elegant and laid back. The drums had me dancing all over the place! Dizzy spits some soulful bars about his life, his blessing and changing lives. Again, flow is insane. And message is positive. Hook is catchy. Amazing song!

8. Deal Wit
Sweet outro. Dizzy is the best part about the track. He opens up and talks about police brutality, chasing your dreams and the importance of money. He also delivers a heartfelt message towards the end. Beat is commercial, with a funk feel. Good way to end the album.

Verdict: ‘Wisdom and Good Vibes' lives up to its name. It's a bunch of nice songs with positive messages. It's not the classic project I believe Dizzy can make, but it's still a really solid EP by Las Vegas' premiere rapper.

Favorite Tracks
- Let Me Live
- Plotting
- Work A Lil Harder

Least Favorite Tracks
- Zoovie

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