4 Reasons Why EA Sports UFC 3 Could Be The Best MMA Video Game Ever

I'm not going to lie to you: I really, really enjoyed EA Sports UFC 2. Sure, it lacked in career mode depth and gameplay accuracy, but the overall package was rather satisfying. Getting a takedown and knocking somebody had never felt that good. That's why I jumped out of my seat when I heard EA Canada is making a new UFC game, set to be released on February 2, 2018. Upon further research, my anticipation level has gotten much higher. Seriously, I believe EA Sports UFC 3 could be the best MMA game ever. Here are 5 reasons that back my statement up:

1. More Polished Experience

As I said, EA Sports UFC's biggest asset was the fact that the game played like a charm. Well, the folks at EA Canada have been working extra hard to improve the gameplay experience. A new physics-driven knockout system, an improved grappling game and a greater control over your fighter’s movement. Overall, the fights feel more fluid and realistic thanks to the 5,000+ new animations.

2. Amazing Graphics

The second reason why I think EA Sports UFC 3 will be a monumental MMA game is that it looks great! Fighters look like their real life counterparts, cuts and blood look fantastic. But the little things are the ones that truly impress me. The presentation looks exactly like the actual UFC events. The camera shots, the logos and on-air looks, the commentary, the octagon, the sponsors, the clothing. It all looks like the real thing, helping get immersed in the experience.

3. More Modes

That was the main problem I had with the last games. You could play exhibition matches, career mode and online. That was pretty much it. Thankfully, EA Canada has fixed the mistake. UFC 2 will launch with many modes, including a deeper career mode in which you must make choices to build fight hype, gain fans, earn more cash through big contracts, and capture the world's attention. We'll also see an improved Ultimate Team mode, a violent KO mode, a tournament mode, online matches and championships, and even a live event mode in which you get to predict upcoming UFC matchups.

4. Biggest Roster To Date

Building upon the considerable roster of fighters in EA Sports UFC, this time around there will be even more talent to choose from. From newcomers like CM Punk, to legends like Chuck Liddell and the current batch of UFC Superstars, you'll have more than 200 guys and gals at your disposal.

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