5 Keys To PS VR's Success - Price, Games, Specs and More

I wholeheartedly believe that VR is the future of gaming. While it made me want to throw up the one time I tried it, I love the idea. This is mind-blowing technology. We're not playing games anymore. We're living them! The level of immersion developers will be able to accomplish is out of this world! However, a part of me is afraid that PS VR will be the next PlayStation Move: a worn out gimmick, that fails to excite gamers; and therefore, fails to sell. Here are 5 things PlayStation should focus on if they want PS VR to get to the promised land.


This is a tough one. The system already has a problem before it's even out: it's going to be quite expensive. PS VR will definitely be a high-priced purchase. I’m expecting something between $200-400 dollars. That means by the time it launches, if you do not already own a PS4, you’ll be spending up to $700 dollars to have the technology. That’s an incredibly high amount. High enough for a lot of people to simply buy the PS4 and leave PS VR on the shelf. Even if it is considerably less pricey than the Oculus Rift, PlayStation has to find a way to make a profit without emptying gamers' pockets.


This one goes hand-to-hand with the price. Because even if Oculus is much more expensive, it is also much more powerful. Now, I only care about PS VR. So while I'm happy that the price will be lower, it concerns me that the equipment won't be powerful enough. How will the games run? Is it possible to create a realistic-looking experience? If the answers are negative, PlayStation is in a lot of trouble.


Now, the last time I tried PS VR, the design and quality were impressive, but it's still important to mention. The set must be light, elegant and well made. How easily will it break? How will it fit? What if I have glasses? PlayStation must tackle these issues and come out on top with a state of the art piece of technology.

Launch Lineup

This is a key component in any system's launch. How good are the lunch titles? Well...PS4 proved it may not be as important as it used to be. The console launched with a pretty mediocre lineup, and it still managed to sell like hot cakes. So far, some of the PS VR launch titles look awesome (Job Simulator, Rez, Rigs) and other look pretty bad (The Modern Zombie Taxi Co.). Let's hope the final list is full of exciting experiences.

First Party Support

This one will ultimately decide if PS VR is a must-own system. While it won't matter for the first couple of months, gamers will eventually want some exclusives. Now, I don't want every first-party studio to work on a VR game. Developers like Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch can keep making console games, but some of the less-known studios could get their break with VR. 1 or 2 exclusives every year would be enough for me.

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