War Pain Song Review by Meek Mill - Time To Fight Back

I can't believe this is still a thing. The whole Drake vs. Meek feud started about six months ago, and both guys are still throwing shots at each other. They both just released diss tracks aimed at each other, and we'll be reviewing both of them. Let's start with the Meek one. I was pretty disappointed in the way he handled the feud. He talked the talk, but didn't walk the walk. The first diss song he released was mediocre to say the least, and then he just stopped. When I heard he had another Drake diss I was a bit worried, but I was surprised by what I heard...

The Good
- Song Goes Hard
- Nice Lines
- Incredible Sample
- Throws Shots at Drake
- He references multiple lines from Summer Sixteen (Drake Single). That means that Meek either heard Drake’s song a while ago or he magically put his verse together in a few minutes. Something's off.

The Bad
- It might be too late to get the W
Score: 4.25/5

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