Nothing Personal Mixtape Review by Cozz - A Bumpy Road

I really like Cozz. American rapper from LA, he was signed to Dreamville (J. Cole, Bas, Omen) a couple of years ago. Then, he released a fantastic debut album, titled 'Cozz & Effect'. I love how diverse he is. Some of his grimy tracks sound like something that would come out of N.Y.C., but his laid back tracks and banger couldn't sound more West Coast. I wasn't expecting too much out of this mixtape. After all, his album came out last year. And to be honest, this is a bit of a let down after the album. However, if you're a Cozz fan, you will probably enjoy some of the tracks in here.

1. Wake Up Call
Good intro. Cozz absolutely destroys it. His charisma, the emotions in his voice, the bars coming out of his mouth. It's all great! Beat wise, I wasn't too impressed. The beat was slightly grimy, thanks to the melody and the vocals that would pop in and out. But I wish it was way darker. Still, it gets the job done. Cozz is mostly reminding everyone why he's one of the must underrated artists in the game. Dope intro.

2. All Eyez On Me
This one's loud! Production's a bit generic, but it's one of those 'who cares' situations. It bangs! Bassline had my car on flames. Cozz is using some really nice flows and lines to tell people to look at him: he went from being broke, to being signed to Cole and having clothes, hoes and money. Good banger.

3. My Side
This song rocks! Cozz talks about the music business, robbery and violence. Production is much better. Beat has more substance, and Cozz sounds so good over this. My one issue with this one is the hook. Not sure if that was Cozz singing in the hook, but it didn't sound too good. Outside of that, this track is mad nice.

4. Grey Goose
Don't like this one. I don't mind auto-tune when used in a catchy hook, or in a weird, distorted way. This one did neither of those things. It just doesn't appeal to me. At all. The entire song has Cozz singing with the auto-tune about drinking Vodka, getting girls and partying. Production is alright, but not nearly good enough to save the track. I respect Cozz for trying to do this type of song, after all it's a mixtape. However, this one didn't hit the spot.

5. City Of God (feat. Boogie)
This is more like it! This is the one! The beat is atmospheric, dark and bouncy. Cozz is talking about how he didn't have to commit crimes to get the fame. He got his ass to the booth and made it happen. The hook is also super grimy, with some dirty piano keys showing up in the background. Boogie comes through with a decent verse. This song is what I love about Cozz. Crazy good.

6. Choice Today
Another one? Damn... I like this one a bit more, but it's still not really good. The beat is actually not that bad. A bit repetitive, but you can jam to it. Cozz is back to singing, and while it's not the worst thing in the planet, I can't say I like it. The hook and melodies he's singing are just annoying. It feels like Cozz tried to channel his inner Young Thug, but it didn't pan out. While he actually raps a verse that improved the song, it wasn't enough.

7. Grow (feat. Correy C)
Cozz went in on this joint, DAMN! The beat alone is fire, with some chill piano chords and the jazz instrumentation in the background. Cozz comes thorough talking about how he's been growing over a short amount of time. Again, charisma and bars are off the charts. Hook is alright. Cozz, u changed… a lot. Killer track!

8. Who Said
Good track. Cozz is addressing the hater, asking who's been talking trash about him, his strategy and his skills. Flow is pretty solid, and I really dug the part where he pays homage to 'Hail Mary'. Production is solid, but it didn't really grab me.

9. Tabs (feat. Bas)
Dope track! Cozz+Bas = $$$. The beat is bouncy and energetic. Cozz and Bas both rap about the thing women actually care about, money. Money drives these women and they would do anything for it. Cozz knows he’s better off than being with these b*tches as they will just be a waste of time. They both fit the beat perfectly, and their flow is nice (I also really dug the Ric Flair reference). Also, am I the only one who thought the hook sounded like something Future or Young Thug would do? Anyways, nice song to play in the car.

10. Tell Me
Another singing song. And again, not the biggest fan. Now, the instrumental is much better in this one. It's loud, commercial and it has some nice drums. However, the singing is pretty damn bad. He sings 'that pussy mine' for at least 45 seconds. The moments in which he's actually rapping are great, but they're ruined by the mediocre singing and all the bomb pussy talk.

11. GWBW
Not mad at this one. Again, it showcases some of the problems with the project. First off, the hook in here are pretty bad. Which is weird, because Cozz & Effect had amazing hooks. This one just has Cozz reminiscing about his old life, and realising how lucky he is to be in the position he finds himself in. The beat slightly reminded me of Logic's 'Like Woah' thanks to some of the instruments in the background. Not bad at all.

12. Bonnie And Clyde (feat. Free Ackrite)
Solid song. It doesn't touch Eminem's version (at all), but it's a good track. The beat is pretty cool. Dark, bouncy and melodic. Cozz and Ackrite take turns spitting verses. Cozz is using his flows to question a girl's loyalty (will she ride will him? Will she die for him?). Hook is alright.

13. Guiness
Good outro. It has that epic closure atmosphere. Beat is melodic, introspective and a bit sad. Cozz talks about taking over the culture and changing things forever. That second verse was particularly strong. Good way to end the project!

Verdict: Nothing Personal is a bumpy road. At its best, Cozz presents some of the best songs he's ever written. However, lazy hooks and mediocre commercial songs keep this mixtape from being as memorable as the debut album. Hoping Cozz was just having fun with this one.

Favorite Tracks
- City of God
- Grow
- Tabs

Least Favorite Tracks
- Grey Goose
- Choice Today
- Tell Me

I give Nothing Personal a 7.2 out of 10

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