My 10 Favorite Games of 2015

2015 is officialy over, and it was a great year! Gamers really got what they love: good games. So many remarkable video games came out. This week, I went back and asked myself: what were my 10 favorite games of 2015? I wasn't looking for the prettiest games, the ones that had the best gameplay or the most known ones. I went with the 10 games that I couldn't stop thinking about. Here they are:

10. Everybody's Gone To The Rapture

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is one of the most unique experience I had this year. No fighting, no puzzles. Just exploring a beautiful town (in first person view) trying to understand how the rapture happened, and how people dealt with it. It's depressing, impressive, original and fun. This game is an absolute must play.

Available on: PS4

9. Batman: Arkham Knight

Just like the other Rocksteady Batman games, Arkham Knight is a love letter to all Batman fans. You have to praise just how ambitious this game is. A new original story, amazing graphics, the batmobile, new mechanics, tons of content, etc. While most of it pans out, there are a couple of issues that keep this game from being a masterpiece (tank missions).

Available on: PS4, X1, PC (you probably don't want the PC version)

8. Fallout 4

When I first played this game, I was a bit disappointed. It felt too samey, and with some of the other incredible western RPGs that came out this year, it felt like the game was made in a vacuum. While some of these issues are true, I recently went back and the game finally clicked. I remembered what makes Fallout so good: a really fun environment to explore.tons of missions and a great storyline. This will probably be higher in other people's lists, but that doesn't mean I don't think the game is great.

Available on: PS4, X1, PC

7. Emily Is Away

Designer Kyle Seeley really made an amazing game with Emily Is Away. I would probably describe it as an indie visual novel in which you have conversations with a girl named Emily. These conversations take place on AOL Instant Messenger. GOD, THE NOSTALGIA. This game really hit the spot, making me laugh and reminice long after the credits rolled. Plus, it's FREE!

Available on: PC

6. Dying Light

Dying Light is one of those games that came out at the perfect time. As you might recall, January was a slow month for gaming. The result? It was Dying Light's month! While the story could have been better, gameplay was so much fun. Especially the climbing mechanic. Graphically, the game looked amazing, and the zombies were actually fucking terrifying! All of this makes Dying Light a great new IP. On top of that, this game proved that a AAA game doesn't have to come out in the fall to sell copies.

Available: PS4, X1, PC

5. Until Dawn

Until Dawn caught my attention the second I heard its premise: an 80's horror film-inspired video game, in which all of your choices have real consequences. I really didn't want this to disappoint me... and it didn't. It's scary, beautiful and action packed. Nobody expected this game to be amazing, but it somehow is. Even if some issues hold it back from greatness, it's still a must play in my book.

Available on: PS4

4. WWE 2K16

I don't think many people have played WWE 2K16 for as long as I have. I've been playing this game for at least 150 hours (what's wrong with me?). As a wrestling fanboy, I'm happy to announce that this game delivers. Big time. WWE 2K16 is the most complete, ambitious and satisfying wrestling game we've gotten since Here Comes the Pain.

Available on: PS4, X1, PC

3. Bloodborne

As someone who never touched the dark souls franchise, I was extremely interested in seeing how I would feel about Bloodborne. The result? The hardest game I've played this year, but also the most rewarding one. Bloodborne is an amazing action RPG, one with great gameplay, an immersive setting and incredible boss battles. This is probably the biggest PlayStation 4 exclusive out right now, and it might be the best one.

Available on: PS4

2. The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an RPG with an incredible world, one filled with a crazy amount of content and a pretty good story. The story, quest system, art direction and voice acting are all top notch. CD Project Red did an amazing job with this one. All of a sudden, they're known as one of the best studios out there.

1. Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is everything it promised to be... and more. This is a gameplay masterpiece. I truly can't believe how good this game is. It grabs you, and it doesn't let you go. I'd go as far as to say that this is Kojima's finest work. It is also Playstation 4's best game. Can't wait to see Kojima's next game. Anyways, go enjoy this gem. It's the best game I played in 2015.

Available: PS4, X1, PC

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