Match of the Year - WWE Awards 2015

Over the past weeks, we've been looking back at some of the best moments of the year, and we've been giving awards in different categories (Best Superstar, Best Female Wrestler, Biggest Return etc.). This week, the award we'll be giving out is: WWE Match of the Year. To win this one, we looked for a match that had the right opponents, the right crowd, the right action and the right outcome. We also wanted to be excited and impressed by the time the bell rang. With that being said, here's what we got:

Runner Ups

- Rollins vs. Lesnar vs. Cena - Royal Rumble
- Kevin Owens vs. John Cena - Elimination Chamber
- The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar - Hell In A Cell
- Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar - Wrestlemania 31


Sasha Banks vs. Bayley - Takeover: Brooklyn

I won't lie. Up until a couple of years, I didn't really care about the Divas division. Sure, there were some individual wrestlers that I actually enjoyed (Paige, Natalya, Nikki Bella). But as a whole, the division was really weak, and the matches were pretty bad. Back then, I wouldn't have thought that a match between female wrestlers would win this award. Not because women can't wrestle, but because WWE wasn't giving them a chance. That's where NXT got involved.

In my head, one of the big reasons why I got into NXT, was the fact that I actually cared about the female wrestlers. Specifically, the four horsewomen. Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Bayley. Now, I won't talk about what exactly happened storyline wise. What I will say, is that NXT gave them a chance. And they took it. They started to craft good stories, and they were wrestling their asses off (with amazing matches like Sasha vs, Becky). All of a sudden, I was more excited to see the ladies, and not because of their looks (even though they're beautiful). Because of their skills.

It all culminated at NXT: Brooklyn. The right opponents, Sasha and Bayley, faced off in front of an amazing Brooklyn crowd, to fight for the division's title: the NXT Women's Championship. Get that Diva belt out of here. These girls were fighting to see who was the better woman. And they had the best match I saw in 2015. I won't spoil the spots they had, just in case someone hasn't seen this match. But the action, the emotions, the near falls, the finish and the aftermath. It was an incredible wrestling match, that reminded me (and should remind everyone) that female wrestlers deserve a chance. Some of the runner up matches are also excellent, and could have gotten this award. The reason why I chose Sasha vs. Bayley is because I think it was a game changer, and the beginning of a new era. Even if WWE is still not doing a good job with their female wrestlers, I believe that in 10-15 years, we'll look back and say: God damn, things have changed. And that match, and the four horsewomen, were the beginning of it all.

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