12 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2016

2015 was a great year for Hip-Hop. We've gotten some of this decade's best albums, mixtapes, songs and verses. However, the past is the past. It's a new year (yes is it), and I decided to talk about my 5 most anticipated albums of 2016. It started at 5. Then I want to 10, and I finally decided to stop at 12. My point: there are so many albums I'm dying to hear. This list could be endless. So don't be mad if your favorite artist didn't make the list. Anyways, here are my 12 most anticipated albums of 2016. I repeat, MY anticipated albums. We all have different opinions. That's why Hip-Hop is music's best genre. It has so many styles. You're more than welcome to disagree, but at least let me know what your list is!

12. Rae Sremmurd - SremmLife 2

Rae Sremmurd’s debut album ‘Sremmlife’ was pretty innovative considering what it was. 10 songs. No interludes, no slow songs, not a break. Pure bangers. The formula worked. They became stars overnight, and their audience is craving for a new project. I just hope Sremmlife doesn't try to alter the recipe with a long album that has R&B, soft songs in it. I just want a short (12 tracks max) album full of loud music I can go insane to.

11. Sylvan Lacue - Far From Familiar

Sylvan Lacue is an excellent rapper coming from Miami, FL. I seriously don't know why this guy hasn't blown up yet. He has a mainstream style, but his lyrics and concepts are loved by hardcore rap fans. Plus, he has the catalogue. His 2014 ‘Searching Sylvan’ was one of the best mixtapes I've ever heard, and he recently released a great EP. He's been working on his upcoming album Far From Familiar for a minute, and I have no doubt it will live up to our expectations.

10. Chance The Rapper - TBA

To be honest, I was positive Chance’s third mixtape was coming out in 2015. We're in 2016, and nothing. Still, it's more than safe to assume the long awaited third project is coming out this year, and I can't wait. 10 Days and Acid Rap were both unique, fantastic pieces of work. And by the sound of the couple of singles he released in 2015, the third tape will probably be even more soulful and melodic. Can't wait!

9. Mick Jenkins - The Healing Component

Mick Jenkins has everything I look for in a rapper: a gift to make dope rhymes, a brain to put together a cohesive project and an ear to pick nice beats. I first heard of him when he released his mixtape "The Water[s]". If you haven't checked that out, go do it. It was an amazing, thought provoking experience that stood as one of 2014's best records. After releasing an EP, he seems ready to drop his debut album ‘The Healing Component’. I think I speak for all fans when I say: PLEASE MICK, RELEASE THE ALBUM BEFORE THE YEAR ENDS.

8. Jon Bellion - TBA

As a Hip Hop fan, I don't really pay attention to singers. John Bellion is one of the only singers I'm genuinely a fan of. This guys is about to get huge. Rightfully so. He's excellent at painting pictures within the music, and you can tell the passion and love he has for his craft. While I'm hoping his next project is the debut album, I wouldn't mind another mixtape. I just want some new Bellion, and I want it now!

7. Pusha T - King Push

Pusha T is one of the most underrated rappers in the game. He just has that “thing”. He doesn't care about fame, he cares about making dope music. His last album (which came out about a month ago) was the most Hip Hop album of 2015. I truly believe King Push will easily be an album of the year contender. We'll have to wait and see.

6. Schoolboy Q - TBA

Alongside Vince Staples, we should thank Schoolboy Q for bringing gangster rap back. His last album ‘Oxymoron’ had nothing but West coast, crack music. He recently said that his next album is done, so we'll probably get it before the year ends. All I want out of this album is more Schoolboy. Q FINNA EAT!

5. Childish Gambino - TBA

Childish Gambino has had a weird path to fame. From an actor, to a stand up comedian, nobody expected him to end up as a rapper. Well, he did. And he's pretty damn good. While a lot of people hate on him for his past or his style, I don't really care. I  like the guy. His last album, Because The Internet, might have been the most original album I heard that year. Ever since then, he's gone dark, staying off social media. Apparently, he's been in the studio working on a new album. I have no clue what he'll come up with, but I honestly can't wait.

4. Kanye West - Waves

To be honest, it's been a minute since Kanye releases a song I genuinely love. Ever since Yeezus came out (which I thought was alright), he hasn't stopped experimenting with his music, to various results. I'm not super hyped about the album. As a matter of fact, I think it could be mediocre in Kanye standards (I hope he proves me wrong). However, I can't wait to hear the album to see what Kanye came up with this time. Will it be another classic, or a convoluted mess?

3. Isaiah Rashad - TBA

Isaiah Rashad really came out of nowhere. He got signed by TDE, and ever since then he hasn't stopped releasing amazing music. The flows, the beats and the vibes this guy gives are insane. His debut album is finished. Top Dawg has it ready to go. I'm just sitting here writing articles in order to avoid the fact that I'll have to wait God knows how long until I can listen to it. Still, I'm pretty sure Isaiah won't disappoint his fans, delivering more soul music.

2. J Cole - TBA

It took some time, but with 2014 Forest Hills Drive, J Cole found himself. He was done with the politics and trying to win. He just wanted to express himself. And that's exactly what he did. Now, after selling tons of CD’s and tickets, he's probably ready for another project. With the right album, Cole could really solidify himself as one of the greatest new school rappers.

1. Drake - Views From The 6

Drake is not the best rapper in the game. Old school, or new school. However, he might be the best artist this generation has seen. Audiences just connect with him. Old or young, most people love Drake. His highly anticipated album ‘Views From The 6’ is set to drop within a couple of months, and I'm so excited! I expect a sophisticated sound, with loud bangers and heartfelt moments.

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