WWE TLC 2015 PPV Predictions

I'm not sure how involved you've been with WWE as of late, but if you watched this year's Pay Per Views you might have noticed one thing: A lot of times, the card was super weak but the show ended up being good. The Royal Rumble, Night of Champions, Hell in a Cell, etc. That's what I think we'll see this Sunday. A good card (that could be better), with good matches. Here are my official TLC 2015 predictions. Remember: Tell me your predictions! If you beat me (doubt it) I'll follow you on Twitter and I'll mention your name/handle on my official review of the PPV. Anyways, let's talk TLC!

1. Ryback vs. Rusev (with Lana)

I'm so glad Rusev is back with Lana. They should have never divided them, and both Rusev and Lana's characters suffered. That's the past though. They're back together and that's all that matters. I'm not really excited for this match. We saw it 2-3 times over the past couple of weeks. But I think Rusev will come out on top. He just got back with Lana, and the League of Nations just started. He should get the win.
Prediction: Rusev

2. The ECW Originals vs. The Wyatt Family (Tables Match)

The Wyatts have to win this one. They need it. They treat them like enormous heels, but they always lose the important matches. They really need to start getting some victories. I expect this match to be booked properly: the legends take the pin for the potential stars. BOOK IT, VINCE!
Prediction: The Wyatt Family

3. The New Day vs. The Usos vs. The Lucha Dragons (Ladder Match for the Tag Team Titles)

I genuinely believe this match will be great. There will be chaos, speed and wrestlers jumping all over the place. I believe you can make a case for all of these teams. The New Day is doing great (they're the best thing WWE has right now). A lot of heels will win though, so this match seems like an opportunity for the Usos or the Lucha Dragons to catch the belts. Should be exciting. Going with the Usos.
Prediction: The Usos

4. Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger (Chairs Match for the U.S. Championship)

Too easy. Del Rio wins this one. He's holding the title until Cena comes back. I fully predict Jack Swagger jobbing to the Mexamerica president (so glad that angle is finished). Let's move on.
Prediction: Del Rio

5. Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose (Intercontinental Championship)

I hate when WWE does this. They have two of the best wrestlers, two of the best talkers and two of the best stars. And what do they do? They give them no time to talk, they give them a no special stipulation and their match gets no attention. Everyone is dying to see this match. It will probably be great. I just wish WWE would care as much as we do. Back to the match, they both could win it. But this seems like a feud they might drag for a few months. So I say round 1: KO
Prediction: Kevin Owens

6. Charlotte vs. Paige (Divas Championship)

I have no clue who's getting this one. Charlotte just got the belt, so she's the easy answer. But Becky Lynch might have something to say (or do). So Paige could get it too. Also, why is Ric in the match? Will he cost Paige the match. We'll see. I just hope this match ends the feud. It wasn't bad, but I want to see Becky and Sasha going for the gold.
Prediction: Charlotte

7. Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus (TLC Match for the WHC)

TATER TOTS, SON! TATER TOTS, SON! TATER TOTS, SON! That's what I think about this match. It'll be decent, but I'm positive Sheamus is keeping the belt. Why have the big Roman pay off at TLC? Makes no sense. I just hope the match doesn't turn into: the league of nations interferes, the family interferes, blah blah, tater tots, son! Sheamus wins. It'll probably happen, though.
Prediction: Sheamus

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