When It's Dark Out Album Review - A Lot Potential, A Lot Of Work To Do

The cover of this album is the funniest thing ever! It looks like the lead singer of an 80's pop band. Back to the Eazy, not the biggest fan. Don't get it wrong, I can appreciate some of his bangers, but I just don't think he's the future of rap or anything. While this album didn't make me a big fan, it does show me that G-Eazy has a lot of potential.

1. Intro
Interesting intro. I can already tell the album will be super dark. The guitar, the choir in the background and Eazy reciting a… poem? Nothing crazy, but the intro sets up the mood.

2. Random
Damn son! G-Eazy ain't playing! Just like the intro, this song is super dark. The piano keys, the choir. I love it. And this bangs! The drums are crazy! Eazy actually has some pretty nice lines, and his flow is smooth all throughout. He talks about how his success didn't come out of nowhere. He didn't get lucky. He worked his ass off and now he's living that life. Dope.

3. Me, Myself & I (feat. Bebe Rexha)
Nice stuff! This song is about G-Eazy’s internal struggle with his new found fame. He was chasing the money, the girls and the popularity for so long. Now that he has all of those things, they're not as good as he thought they would be. I didn't love the beat. It's not bad at all, but it felt a bit average. Eazy delivers his message using a really sweet flow, and Bebe Rexha destroyed the hook, using her beautiful vocals. Love when rappers get personal. The content was there, but execution could be better.

4. One of Them (feat. Big Sean)
This one has Eazy and Sean talking about all the things they want (Grammys, money, cars). I actually enjoyed Eazy's braggadocios lines. And while it's pretty much the same flow, I kinda like it. The beat was pretty good, but this church organ melody kept distracting me. The song is pretty superficial and whenever I hear church organs in songs, the tracks are super deep or epic. So the instrument didn't really fit. Sean's verse was meh. I don't really like his raps slowly. And he sounded so uninterested. Overall though, this bumps.

5. Drifting (feat. Chris Brown and Tory Lanez)
Chill song. Eazy talks about drifting away from his ex girldfriend. He doesn't really tell a story. He's just walking us through his train of thought. While Tory Lanez did pretty good, I'm not sure the song really needed him. This is one of those tracks that are about a minute too long. Also, while the hook is sweet, I think I need to stop listening to Chris Brown for a while. Lately, all of his hooks/vocals sound the same to me. If you played this hook in a month, I wouldn't be able name the song. Back to the song, not mad at it.

6. Of All Things (feat. Too $hort)
I dig the beat in this one. While the 'ladadidadada' in the background can get a bit annoying, I enjoyed the piano, the bass and the drums. Eazy joins forces with Too $hort to talk about haters. While the $hort verse is not really good, the other ones were decent. I did like the hook though. Melodic and soft. For some reason it reminded me of Mike Posner. Decent track.

7. Order More (feat. Starrah)
Club song. I mean, I'm sure I'll enjoy this song at a party. But it's not a great song. While I appreciate the psychedelic feel the song has, it's not really that special. I've heard the drum line in so many songs. While I usually hate auto tune, Eazy pulled it off. But some of the lines in the song were pretty mediocre. Starrah did a good job delivering the hook. It's not horrible, but it's far from excellent.

8. Calm Down
This is more like it! No hooks, just Eazy using his flow to be a cocky prick. I love it! The beat is simple, but dope. It feels house inspired. Eazy uses the quick interlude to talk about his success, wanting to get a Kardashian and being the future of the Bay. The album needed this one to bring the energy back up.

9. Don't Let Me GO (feat. Grace)
Weird song. I definitely like it, but it's a bit all over the place. I like how dark it is. I love the sample they used. The beat is grimy, and Eazy delivers his vocals in a very low, creepy tone. But whenever the hook shows up, the song becomes almost poppy, and it messes up the atmosphere. The song didn't fully come together musically. I've never heard Grace before, but I really liked what she gave me in this song (especially the intro). Fantastic vocals.

10. You Got Me
This is the one! This bangs! The bassline in this one had my car on flames. Now, this song is not about lyrics. If you're expecting that, you'll be disappointed, because Eazy says nothing important or meaningful. But if you're okay with an aggresive, in your face rap song, you're in for a treat. Fun Fact: G-Eazy says 'fuck' 49 times in this song. Oh,boy!

11. What If (feat. Gizzle)
Interesting track. Beatwise, it was okay. The melody is cool, but a bit repetitive. My biggest issue with the song was the hook. Really disliked it. The main focus of the song is: what if? Eazy asks us how different the world would be if certain things hadn't happened. It's a bit weird though. He's talking about 2Pac not dying and the next rhyme is about rain becoming champagne. Wish the lyrics were more focused. Still, not a bad song.

12. Sad Boy
This is excellent. This is one of the best G-Eazy songs I've ever heard. This song has G-Eazy (the rap persona) arguing with Geralt (the human being with emotions and fears). I love this. Eazy is just reminiscing and spitting over some minor, yet beautiful piano chords. The hook could be better, but I don't really care. This song got me. It doesn't feel like Eazy trying to force an emotion. He's just telling us stories. Good job.

13. Some Kind of Drug (feat. Marc E. Bassy)
This one talks about that “high” you get when you're with your girl. Marc E. Bassy did great. His short verse and hook were pretty good. The beat is slow and soulful. Again, Eazy's verses are not super lyrical but they're smooth and enjoyable. Chill song.

14. Think About You (feat. Quiñ)
Don't like this song. I wouldn't call it corny, but I consider it as filler. Quiñ didn't really impress me. Her verse and hook really slowed the song down. Eazy spits some alright verses, but he has nothing too memorable to say. And the beat was too simplistic for my taste. Not trying to be a hater, but I think my issue with the song is that there's too much Quiñ. Song is three minutes but it feels like four and a half.

15. Everything Will Be OK (feat. Kehlani)
Wow. Deep song. Really like it. The beat is super soulful, and the female voice in the background almost makes you want to cry. Eazy talks about his old friends, his brother and his ex girlfriend. Things get real in the third verse. He talk about his mother's relationship with another woman, and how she ends up dying in front of Eazy. Some of the lines really had me on my feelings. Love the song, absolutely adore the third verse.

16. For This (feat. IAMNOBODI)
Sweet, BBQ song. Eazy gets introspective, talking about how nobody believed in him, and now he made it. Feels a bit like 'Far Alone'. The rhymes and flows in this ones are so laid back. Really dig it. I also enjoyed the instrumental and hook quite a bit. Perfect song to lay down and appreciate life.

17. Nothing To Me (feat. Keyshia Cole and E-40)
Cool outro. I've heard those piano chords before. Keyshia did an okay job with the hook, but she didn't sound too interested. The song definetely has the finale feel. Eazy spits some cool verses, but I was a big fan of E's verse. Instead of doing his usual fast flows, he slows down to make sure every word matters. It was different, and I appreciated (even if his 2Pac-Biggie line was kinda dumb). Good way to close the album.

Verdict: While 'When It's Dark Out' is too long and not cohesive enough, G-Eazy brings some really personal, dope moments. Take away 4-5 filler tracks, and this album would be much better. While it's not horrible, Eazy still has a lot to prove.

Favorite Tracks
- Sad Boy
- Everything will be ok
- You Got Me
- Random

Least Favorite Songs
- Think About You
- Order More

I Give 'When It's Dark Out' a 7.3 out of 10

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