Truth and Advertising Review - South Park S19 E09

Only two episodes left! I'm already depressed. This season was very important to me. The episodes were funny, deep and original. Plus, the reviews did great numbers on the site. To think that we won't have another season for God knows how long makes me want to jump off a balcony (I'm not doing it because I'm already waiting for Season 20). Back to the episode, it was amazing. Just like the previous episode, it sets up the finale. But Truth and Advertising actually stands on its own as a weird mix of laughter and drama. Episodes like this one make South Park special.

So what was the episode all about? Well... sh*t's going down! Everything you've seen, heard or laughed at had a meaning. Everything. All the changes the town of South Park made are bringing horrible consequences. And while we still don't understand what's going on, we know it's something big. Turns out the enemy wasn't the PC principal, ISIS, Yelp reviewers or Garrison. The enemy were ads. And the human ad: Leslie.

I loved the way the episode felt. While it was funny as hell (more on that later), this actually felt like a drama show. While I love South Park, I never thought the show could craft a story that actually has me on the edge of my seat, interested in seeing what's next. If you look back at the reviews I made for this season's episodes, I kept praising the continuity. To be honest, I didn't expect it to make such a big difference. But it has. While we'll have to wait until next week's finale to find out if it was worth it, this is already one of the best seasons ever. But yeah, back to what I was saying. There's chaos all over the place. People don't trust each other, and there are multiple conspiracy theories. The atmosphere is tense. Luckily, the amount of funny jokes keep things moving.

Indeed, another big element of the episode were the laughs. While I was invested in the story, I couldn't stop laughing. In a good way. The episode was genuinely hilarious. I could spend hours talking about all the funny moments, but I'll briefly go through the best ones: Randy saying 'So South Park kinda sucks now. You guys wanna bail?', Randy trying to remix 'Where's My Country Gone' when Caitlyn beats him up, Jimmy thinking with his Penisia, and the Ex Machina references. South Park nailed it this week, giving me drama and an interesting story while making me laugh non stop. Hopefully the finale will be just as good.

The Good
- Continuity Paying Off
- Drama Approach
- Non Stop Laughs

The Not So Good
 Nothing. South Park Nailed It.
Score: 9/10
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