PSX 2015: 5 Bold Predictions

If you love PlayStation, you know that December is a special month. It’s our Christmas! PSX is the annual gaming conference where we get to see new PS games, announcements and price drops. This year, I came up with 5 ''bold'' predictions that I'm dying to see. Hit me up on Twitter and let me know some of your predictions. Now let’s get to it.

5. Sony Bend Game Revealed

To start things off, I believe Sony Bend will announce their game. Is this even a bold prediction? The game has to be announced! Their last game, 'Uncharted: Golden Abyss', came out in 2011. So t's safe to assume they've been working on this next title for almost 4 years. And nothing has been leaked. While that's cool and all, I need to see this game. PlayStation knows this, so I think Bend will announce a major AAA game coming out in 2016.

4. Project Morpheus Details Announced

I'm positive PlayStation will talk about Morpheus. This is the place to do it. All the hardcore fans will be watching. If you can convince them, you can convince anyone. I think Sony will talk about VR, give us a release date and a price tag. Plus, maybe we'll get some big game announcements, like No Man’s Sky being supported.

3. PS Vita Price Drop

I love my Vita. But I hate that I only use for long flights and road trips. But hey, that's Sony’s fault. They didn't give the system enough love (topic for another day). Anyways, the Vita is dying. Sony has admitted it. So I think they will give the system a price drop, just to give it a last push in sales. New price? 120$ or maybe 99.99$.

2. The Last Guardian Release Date

Jesus Christ…. I still can't believe this game is actually coming out. We'll eventually talk about how I don't see how the game can live up to the incredible amount of hype it has, but let's focus on when the game's coming out. I think we'll see some gameplay that ends up with “May 3, 2016”. Why that date?VR is coming out in the summer, and I'm assuming Uncharted will get delayed by a month or two. So May seems like the perfect time to release the game.

1. The Last Of Us 2

Wait! Before you try to destroy me on Twitter, hear me out. It's obvious that there won't be any gameplay, release date or screenshots. Uncharted 4 still didn't come out. However, I think this would be a good time to at least acknoledge the game is in development. My prediction is that at some point during the conference, we'll see the game's logo. That's it. It'll be enough to get a lot of press.

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