PC Principal Final Justice Review - South Park S19E10 (Finale)

After months of anticipation, South Park's 19th season is done. The season has had its ups and downs (mostly ups though). But for the most part, I really enjoyed it. I loved last week's episode. It was funny, serious, epic and it perfectly set up the finale. Sadly, now that I've finally watched this finale, I can't avoid but to feel disappointed.

So what's the episode all about? Well, every major storyline we've seen thus far had a meaning. The ads, the PC principal, Garrison, gentrification, etc. And it's time for the long awaited showcase between the good guys and the bad guys. Except South Park adds an extra element to the episode: gun possession. Everyone has a gun, and they're not afraid to show them. This basically ruined the finale.

That's right. South Park uses the finale to discuss a very controversial and important topic, gun control. They didn't do too good. This was my main problem with the episode. The whole 'everyone has gun' portion felt unnecessary. With the ads, PC, Garrison, Stan vs. Kyle, there was more than enough content. Why add an extra element to the story? On top of that, the whole thing was kinda silly. While it did have some funny segments (like the gun show), it was too superficial, and not clever enough. The silliness lost me. Suddenly, there was no drama or tension, which is a feeling last week's episode perfectly accomplished.

Another big issue is the fact that the whole episode felt rushed. The promised epic climax just wasn't there. PC principal literally killed Leslie in 30 seconds. Wasn't she a super strong ad? Stan and Kyle didn't really forgive each other. Weren't they fighting? Also, Kyle didn't deliver a speech, and the entire season had being teasing a last Kyle speech. It just feels like the creator didn't have enough time to really plan things out. The message got lost, and the episode was anticlimactic.

Like most times, the episode was funny. That's what saved it. There were memorable moments, like Randy recognizing Classi, Shellie almost killing grandpa or the fascination the town had for guns. It was pretty much the only good thing about the episode. It was funny. Also, based on the last segment it seems like the new South Park game could be called: Fractured But Whole (Foods). That's genius right there.

The Good
- Funny

The Bad
- Anticlimactic
- Rushed
- Message Got Lost

Score: 6.5/10

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