Evangeline EP Review by Sylvan Lacue x Fortune

Sylvan LaCue is a fantastic artist. We all know it. Formerly known as Quest, he's a dope lyricist, an amazing storyteller and one of my favorite new school rappers. Plus, he likes wrestling (One of us! One of us!). His last project, Searching Sylvan, was genuinely one of the biggest surprises I had in 2014. Honest, introspective and thought provoking. While his upcoming debut album 'Far From Familiar' has been delayed, he blessed his fans with an EP titled 'Evangeline EP'. After multiple listens, I was impressed. I'm pretty sure this will have me satisfied until the album drops. Here's why:

1. Drop Your Plans (feat. Venus Amor)
First off, Venus Amor really impressed me. Her beautiful vocals, her style, and her delivery. It all yelled 'SEXY'. She really did an incredible job with the track. The beat is pretty damn good. Bouncy and loud. It also has some sweet piano keys, but it's not overly melodic. Sylvan also did an excellent job here. He spit two solid verses, talking about his lady and how they want to see each other. He also bring his inner singer out, laying some solid vocals throughout the verses and in the bridge/hook. Dope intro.

2. 1st Flight To Oakland
This track is so chill. The beat is soft, but it has a booming bassline. The foundation is simple, but the melody takes some twist and turns that keep it fresh. Sylvan kills it talking to his girl about their problems, their issues and how at the end of the day, he still wants to be with her. His flow in here is super tight. Plus, it's only 2 minutes. I hate when songs overstay their welcome. This one didn't. Great song.

3. Facetime & Chill
I really enjoyed this track. Just like he says at the beginning, Sylvan is getting away with some Drake shit. While his flow is a bit too Drakey at times, the song as a whole is pretty unique. You can see the inspiration, but he's not bitting. Still, the verses are solid and the flow is golden. The beat is pretty dope, specially the vocal sample in the background. Really sounds like something Drake would spit on. The hook is also catchy as hell, but I disliked the fact that it had the 'What About Now' melody. It's the same way I feel when I hear a remix: 'The remix is pretty nice, but I feel listening to the original version'. Still, the song is dope as hell. I'm just nitpicking.

4. Caravan 04 (feat. Linzi Jai)
My favorite song of the project. It's intimate, heartfelt and a banger. All at the same time. Production is excellent. Fortune did a soulful beat, with nice drums, beautiful instrumentation and some heavenly vocals in the background. Talking about heavenly, Linzi Jai delivered one of the catchiest hook in here. And Sylvan uses some great flows to delivers his message: Evangeline is the woman of his dreams. Amazing song.

5. Destiny's Child Outro
At first, I was a bit disappointed with the outro. I was expecting a song, but the project ends with an interlude. Some sweet instrumentation, and Sylvan having a beautiful conversation with Evangeline. I don't rate interludes, so I won't give this one a score.

Verdict: Evangeline EP is a dope project. Short, sweet, fun and romantic. It's also very cohesive (probably because Fortune produced the entire thing), and the replay value is pretty high. I should say I expect to see more variety (topic-wise) in Far From Familiar. Then again, this is not an album. It's an EP. Luckily, it happens to be one of the best EP's I heard this year.

Favorite Songs
- Caravan 04
- Drop Your Plans
- 1st Flight To Oakland

Least Favorite Songs
* Project Had No Bad Songs

I give Evangeline EP an 8.2 out of 10

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