WWE Awards 2015: NXT Female Wrestler Of The Year

Awards season has begun! Over the following weeks, we'll be looking back at some of the best (and worst) moments of the year, and we'll be giving awards in different categories (Best Superstar, Best Jobber, Most Overrated, Best Transformation etc.). The first award we'll be giving out is: NXT Diva Of The Year. To win this one, we looked for a female who could actually wrestle (Bye, bye Eva Marie), put on great matches, and have decent mic skills. While there was a lot (believe me) of debating, the verdict is in!

Runner Ups

- Charlotte
- Bayley
- Becky Lynch


Sasha Banks

To put it bluntly: 2015 was Sasha Bank's year! She finally got a chance to showcase her talents, and my God, she's amazing! It's rare to see someone who just comprehends the business from day one. Sasha Banks definitely understands what wrestling should be. She had incredible matches with Charlotte and Becky, and two classics with Bayley. Plus, she finally got the chance to expand on the BO$$ character, which got super over. I'm sure we'll look back at the four horsewomen with nothing but respect, appreciation and love. And Sasha Banks was a big part of that. Congrats, Sasha Banks! We're sure you'll have an amazing 2016!

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