Wrestle Crate Unboxing No. 01 - October 2015

What's my favorite thing in the world? Love? Money? Wrong! My favorite thing in the world are subscription boxes! I love getting a new mystery box every month, and opening it without knowing what I'll see inside. And as a wrestling fan, I'm a huge supporter of the best Pro Wrestling subscription box in the world, Wrestle Crate! Starting at $14.99, they send you a mystery box full of new, exciting items like shirts, action figures, autographs, DVD's and more! Plus, Wrestle Crate is a small business (composed of Mr. Wrestle Crate and his loyal sidekick, Crate Boy). So not only you get a crate full of awesomeness, but you also help an independent company. Can I get a hell yeah? Click the link below to get your crate!

Anyways, I finally got my crate and these are the goodies I received:

Love the shirt! While it doesn't really fit me (I'm more of a M man), I love the design! This is the type of shirt you take to a wrestling event to get some beer buddies (and maybe some ladies... But, mostly beer buddies). If you didn't know, Pro Wrestling Tees is a fantastic website where actual wrestlers create and sell their T-shirts (CM Punk, Mick Foley, Vader, etc.). So yeah, nice shirt!

Next, we get a gym towel by the Young Bucks! If you've never heard of these guys, get your ass to Youtube and look at some of their stuff. They're an amazing tag team that do all kinds of crazy spots! Back to the towel, I like the elegant design. Will be taking it to the gym!

Look at this Rhyno picture! So pretty. These art pieces are made by Calling Spots, a wrestling magazine that I actually quite enjoy. I have no clue who makes these designs, but they always look crisp and sharp. So whoever you are, you nailed it!

Next up, a Chavo Guerrero autograph! Damn! This is actually sick! I was always a big Chavo fan. People didn't fully appreciate him because he wasn't just as good as Eddie, but he's a fine wrestler. A, absolute technician. This actually dropped my jaw to the floor. Means more than you'll ever know.

THE X-FACTOR! THE X-FACTOR! How cool is this action figure!? I recently started to collect these bad boys, but a collection isn't a collection until X-Pac gets involved! Plus, he comes with a belt and a cool shirt. Not sure if I'll open this. I kinda just want to look at it until I die (my preciousss).

I love these wrestling DVD's. I don't watch ROH nearly as much as I should, and it's always cool to see how far some of these wrestlers have made it in just a couple of years. Plus, you get to see some badass wrestling. This tape has matches by Shelton Benjamin, El Generico (Samy Zayn), Claudio Castagnoli (Cesaro) and Sara Del Rey. Awesome!

Last but not least, we have a dope poster for a House of Hardcore event taking place today and tomorrow (so if you're in Philly, get some tickets!). Poster has some pretty big names like Tommy Dreamer, Tajiri, Abyss, Austin Aries and more! This one is going on my wall.

And that's it! Pretty awesome crate. My favorite items were the Chavo autograph and the X-Pac action figure. But overall, this month's box was pretty damn sweet! Remember, click in the picture below to get your Wrestle Crate!

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