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I'm a big Logic fan. From his early mixtapes to his debut album Under Pressure, I'm familiar with his work. In my mind, Logic is one of the best new school rapppers. His lyrics are dope, his flow is crazy and he's a positive artist. The second I heard the premise of his new album, The Incredible True Story (aka T.I.T.S. lol), it caught my attention. A Hip-Hop/Sci-fi album. I've never heard that concept before. As interested as I was, a lot of questions came up: Will it be good? How would it compare to Under Pressure? Will the story make sense? At the end, I forgot about these questions. I was just surprised by how much I had enjoyed the album. Here's why:

1. Contact
This is already dope, and Logic didn't spit a bar. This is just a beautiful instrumental, with celebratory drums (which sound like the ones in Amazing by Kanye) and nice vibes. We also get introduced to the characters (Thomas and Kai). The fact that Under Pressure was the album being heard by Thomas is so clever, and a great way to tie in both albums.

2. Fade Away
Won't lie, wasn't a huge fan of this song when it came out. It didn't feel special. Now, I think I can see Logic’s vision. If this was a movie, this would be the initial montage in which we see the character’s routine and daily interactions. Back to the song, the beat is a bit repetitive with the vocals in the background and the piano keys that pop in and out. Still, it's dope. Logic spits his ass off, telling us that no one is immortal and that we should do something for ourselves while we're still alive. I missed that flow. The jazzy instrumental at the end was simply amazing, and the interlude was hilarious! Dope start!

3. Upgrade
Awesome song! Super soulful. This has a bigger intro feel. The melody is made with some sweet vocals and a couple of simple, yet effective drums. Logic uses dope lines and his excellent flow to tell us about how his life has upgraded as of late. He doesn't do it in a cocky way though, which makes the song much more relatable and enjoyable. Been playing this one 24/7.

4. White People - Scene
Another funny interlude. Love the atmosphere the album has. Voice acting is top notch and the story is interesting. I love that instead of talking about science and space, they're talking about pussy and rap. Also, the white people investigating shit cracked me up. Cool interlude!

5. Like Woah
Dope as hell!! Let's start with the beat: it's beautiful and super smooth. The flute melody really puts me in a calmed mood, until Logic starts spitting. He brings charisma, flows and even some singing. It's all great. Also, the beat change towards the end of the song is simply heavenly. Really liking the production.

6. Young Jesus (feat. Big Lenbo)
Man! This screams 90’s! I adore the beat. 6ix killed it! The drums are so old school. Logic does his thing, spitting dope lines with energy. I was really surprised by Big Lenbo though. Don't know if he's a rapper 24/7, but he killed this. His voice and flow were on point. No specific topic, just two guys spitting their asses off. I can get with that. Btw, check the song’s video. It rocks.

7. Innermission (feat. Lucy Rose)
Really chill song. The instrumental didn't blow me away, but it was pretty laid back and soft. Logic talks about his beliefs and finding purpose with some good verses. The part about his homie hit hard. Lucy Rose brings some sweet vocals to the chorus. Not mad at this one.

8. I Am The Greatest
THIS BANGS! The bounce in the beat is crazy. And having Ali's speech for the background vocals. Woah! This is fire. I didn't love the first verse, but when he actually started spitting in the second verse, the song just clicked. And while the hook could be better, I don't really care. This is a great, short song to play in the car and just vibe. Dope.

9. The Cube - Scene
HAHAHA. A song for Rubik's cubes. I better get my ass on Youtube, because apparently bitches love the Rubik's cube. Short, sweet and funny.

10. Lord Willin'
Really dope song. Laid back, but powerful. The beat is simple, but super nice. Reminds me a bit of 3005 by Gambino, but less commercial. Logic uses different flows to tell us about the his career and his thoughts on life, with some great lines. The hook is sweet and melodic. Also, what's up with the “ha ha ha” from Mario Kart 64? Anyways, superb track.

11. City of Stars
Man.... This is crazy. This is definitely Kanye inspired. And it's excellent. The drumline screams 'Flashing Lights', and the singing in the first half of the song feels like it could be on 808's & Heartbreak. Logic takes the inspiration and makes a Logic track, not a copy-paste Kanye song. This is a break up song with hip-hop, but it could also be seen as a normal break up song. The beat has that epic, beautiful boss battle feel. Even if the first half of the song is a bit too long, the second half has Logic spitting about not caring about what people say anymore, with some crazy lines (specially the Drake and Pac line). I love this song. The beat, the atmosphere, the bars, the concept. Everything. It's not perfect, but it's easily one of the best Logic songs I've ever heard.

12. Stainless (feat. Dria)
This song samples Backyard by Travis Scott. And it slaps! It's aggressive, weird and bouncy! Logic goes off, spitting super fast lines with crazy flows. I heard part of the second verse in a Westwood freestyle, and I wanted to hear the studio version so bad. This is straight fire. Also, the hook is super catchy and Dria does her thing, adding some sauce to the track.

13. Babel - Scene
The guys get more serious and discuss their fears. They're afraid of finding Paradise, just to destroy it. The same could be said for Logic's career. Maybe he's afraid of finally being in Paradise, because he doesn't want to let it go.

14. Paradise
Super deep song. Reminds me of Growing Pains 3 (track in Under Pressure). Logic tells us about his childhood, and the things he did/saw. Lyrics are great, and flows are dope as usual. The first beat was dark and introspective, and the second one was more simple (because the spotlight was on Logic). While there was some deja vu in this song, I still enjoyed the hell out of it. Logic is really good at making intense, special songs.

15. Never Been
So soulful! Logic talks about what happens when someone doesn’t follow their dreams in a smart, passionate fashion. As I said, the beat is super sweet, with classy piano chords and some beautiful vocals in the background. Logic has a bunch of quotables in this one (I spit knowledge like the listener is my only son). The track just comes together perfectly.

16. Run It
I love these type of songs: no hook, interludes or anything. Just a dope beat and killer verses. The instrumental is simple but it's still fuego. Logic is the star of this one. Three of the dopest verses in the entire album, in one song! Lyrically, he kills it. And the energy that he uses is fantastic. I also like the overall message: if you put in the work, you can be the best in anything, except rap. Because Logic runs it.

17. Lucidity - Scene
Nice interlude. Thomas and Kai talk about their ambitions and how they want to follow their dreams once they find Paradise. They also reminisce about how things were different in the past. Great way to give the characters depth.

18. The Incredible True Story
Sweet outro. Love the message: do what makes you happy. Not what gives you money, girls or fame. What makes YOU happy. The beat is introspective and it has that closure feel. Logic delivers his message addressing you as an individual listener, which is a pretty intimate way to connect with the fans. You know the rest: dope verses and amazing flows. Towards the end, Thomas and Kai find Paradise, and they talk about what Tarantino movie best describes Logic (over a breathtaking instrumental). Wish the actual song and the final scene were separate songs though. This one is almost 7 minutes. Still, cool way to finish the album.

Verdict: The Incredible True Story (TITS) is not a Hip-Hop album. It's a Logic album. That's what makes it special. He attempted something different. And he succeeded. Big time. This album gives you an interesting story and amazing songs. What more can you ask for?

Favorite Songs
- Stainless
- City of Stars
- Run It
- Paradise
- Upgrade
- Young Jesus

Least Favorite Songs
- Innermission 

I give T.I.T.S. an 8.6 out of 10

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