Sylvan LaCue - 'The Watcher 3' Song Review

Sylvan LaCue is a fantastic artist. Formerly known as Quest, he's a dope lyricist, an amazing storyteller and one of my favorite new school rappers. Plus, he likes wrestling (One of us! One of us!). His last project, Searching Sylvan, was genuinely one of the biggest surprises I had in 2014. Honest, introspective and thought provoking. Anyways, he's ready to release his next project, titled 'Far From Familiar' and we finally got the first single. Here's what I thought:

The Good
- Brilliant Concept, Perfectly Describes The Rap Game
- Energetic, In Your Face Beat
- Sylvan Brings Bars
- Flows For Days
- After Dre and Jay Did The Watcher 1 & 2, Sylvan Gives Us His Version

The Not So Good
- Long Interlude Slows Down The Song's Momentum
- Wanted Sylvan's Delivery To Be More Aggressive
- Was Dying For A Second Verse!
Score: 4/5

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