Survivor Series Review and Another Injury - Dear WWE No. 04

Survivor Series took place this Sunday, despite terrorist warnings (USA! USA!), and it was alright. The Internet seems to hate this PPV, but I honestly thought it wasn't that bad. Was it great? No. But it's far from the worst PPV of 2015 (that award goes to Extreme Rules). And just like every WWE PPV, there's a lot to talk about.

We have a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion! And his name is... Roman Reigns! Wait.... the champ is not Reigns? NO! While he did win the tournament, his title run lasted about 5 minutes, because Sheamus cashed in his MITB briefcase. Now, people were whining about the finish so much, it's unbelievable! I mean, Reigns turning heel would have been ideal. It would have been more surprising, interesting and entertaining. But it's clear that Vince has no plans to turn Roman heel, so what should they do: Give the title to Reigns while half the crowd hates him, or give it to a heel that people despise? At the end of the day, people will probably cheer for Reigns just so Sheamus drops the belt (hopefully). I actually felt bad for Roman when he was crying at the end of the PPV (Planned of course, but Reigns sold it). So in a couple of words, the main event was predictable but entertaining.

The Brother of Destruction faced, and crushed, the Wyatt Family. I knew they were going to win because of the whole '25 years of the Undertaker' promos. Still, I think the Wyatt Family should have won. I'm positive Taker will wrestle his last match at WrestleMania 32. WWE should start focusing on the future, aka. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. This year, Wyatt has lost feuds against Cena, Reigns and Taker. How can we take him seriously? He better go on a winning streak, because they need some wins. Badly.

Those were the biggest moments of the PPV, the rest of the matches (outside of the tournament semifinals) were alright at best. Most of them felt rushed, lazy and uninspired. Overall, I would give Survivor Series an 7.5/10. But there's one last thing to talk about.

Another WWE superstar is injured. This time, Cesaro is the victim. Turns out, he's been wrestling with a torn rotator cuff (left shoulder injury). That means he's been putting on amazing matches, lifting people, swinging them and even doing cartwheels while injured. WHAT A BEAST! The timeframe for his return is four to six months. While this is disappointing, it's probably for the best. He'll be back to a great pop, and he might be thrown into the title picture. The disturbing part is the fact that WrestleMania 32 lost another draw. Rollins, Orton and Cesaro will not be at the greatest stage of them all. So in a nutshell, ratings are down, wrestlers are hurt, and the WrestleMania picture is looking dark. SAVE US, Y2J!

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