Sponsored Content Review - South Park S19 E08

If I could describe this episode in one word, I would use weird. This was a super weird episode. It almost felt more like a drama show, which could be seen as both a good or a bad thing. At the end of the day, Sponsored Content is a great way to get me excited for the season finale, even if it didn't meet my expectations.

What was this episode all about? Journalism, integrity and ads. Jimmy is finally back, and after saying the 'retarded' in the school's paper, the PC (Pussy Crushing) principal wants to change the way Jimmy handles his business. After a bunch of arguments and reveals, all the side storylines from previous episodes come together to tease a big finale.

So let's start with the things I love about 'Sponsored Content'. First off, the chemistry between PC Principal and Jimmy was excellent. It only made sense. PC principal is always yelling at people for talking trash about minorities, but how will he feel when Jimmy (who is handicapped) starts ruining his life? I love how PC principal is super nice at the beginning, and by the end of the episode he says things like "Jim is the next Hitler". Also, there were some great lines all over the episode like: "Ever since you joined this PC thing, all you've done is bully people". PREACH!

Another thing that made me happy, is the fact that all the storylines are finally coming together. Harrison, Caitlyn, Leslie, PC, etc. You name it, it has something to do with the finale. As I've said countless times, it makes the season feel like an actual story instead of random episodes. Now, is this story good? I'm not sure yet. It feels a bit ridiculous and I'm afraid that the finale will be disappointing or just dumb. We'll have to wait for the season finale. So far though, it's pretty entertaining.

A big portion of the episode (and the season, I guess) talked about ads. Advertisement and clickbait on newspapers, websites, blogs are killing journalism. And people are tired of it. Here at Real Men Report, we understand that. So how about you click one of your Amazon links, huh? (could you tell that was self-advertising?). Also, we finally know why Leslie doesn't shut up (SHUT IT, LESLIE!). She's a living ad! WTF, right? Really interested to see where this is all going. Also, I saw a couple of theories online, and some are even saying that the reveal will be the fact that the entire season is a big ad for 'The Fractured But Whole' (an upcoming South Park video game that I can't wait to play).

Now, my biggest issue with the episode is that it lacked laughs. There were funny moments for sure (like the PC party), but I really didn't lol once in the entire episode. Which is weird, because my stomach was killing me from all the laughing I did in last week's episode. I can understand if the episode wanted to be more serious at times, but it definitely felt a bit weird. Lastly, this episode didn't feel important. Story wise, it revealed some important information. But as a whole, it felt like a tease to the season finale. Which is fine if you want to build hype for the last couple of episodes. But when the episode feels like it lacked quality, it becomes an issue.

The Good
- PC Principal and Jimmy's Chemistry
- Continuity Paying Off

The Not So Good
- Not enough jokes
- More of a set up episode, not so exciting
Score: 6.5/10

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