Roman Reigns Is a Dork and New NXT Tag Team Champions - Dear WWE No. 02

Dear WWE,
Hey! Not sure who will read this so I'll say hi to the big dogs (if you're not one of theses guys, you still get a hi!): Hey Vince! Hey Hunter! Hey Kevin Dunn (if you're reading this, stop. I hate you, Kevin Dunn). This is my weekly letter, in which I praise/roast (mostly roast) what happened in RAW, NXT and one day, Smackdown (let me know when the show is worth watching). Keep in mind I do this to improve the product, so don't use it against me. With that being said, let’s talk about WWE!

This week's Monday Night RAW was alright. I loved the opening segment. Triple H came out to talk about the vacant title and Seth Rollins. Eventually, he called Roman Reigns out, and offered him the chance to get a title match as long as he joins the authority. And of course, Reigns refuses. Why? Is he not familiar with the concept of a double cross. He could accept, get the title and turn on the authority. But of course, Mr. Babyface says he must earn the title shot. This kid is definitely Cena 2.0 (upgraded with a Superman punch). Unless he turns heel at Survivor Series, he's a serious tool.

The biggest news: we finally found out more about this tournament... and I think they screwed up. Big time. It actually seems like there was no thought put into making this special or exciting. I mean, why would you even have guys like Big Show, Tyler Breeze or Titus O'Neil. Does anyone really think they could win? Where's New Day? Where's the Wyatt family? On top of that, there was no big surprise. No Daniel Bryan, no legend like Y2J. Nothing. I just don't feel like this tournament is interesting. It's already predictable and boring. Hopefully it'll get better as it moves on.

Back to the matches, Reigns defeated Big Show (for the 587th time), Owens beat Titus, Ziggler put the Miz down (thank God), Cesaro got the better of Sheamus (in what probably was the most exciting match) and Ambrose defeated Breeze. Tyler was actually booked strong. He gave Ambrose a run for his money, and he lost by a roll-up. And even though I didn't watch Smackdown, I saw the highlights and the biggest surprise was the fact that Kalisto defeated Ryback to advance to the quarterfinals. So far, I'm pretty sure the finals will be Reigns vs. Ambrose, with one of them turning heel and accepting HHH's offer.

How would I book it? I would change the entire tournament, but I'll base this on what WWE did. First off, I wouldn't have 16 participants, but 8: Cesaro-Kalysto, Ziggler-Owens, Ambrose-Bray and Reigns-Big E. So semifinals would be Cesaro-Reigns and Ambrose-Owens. Ambrose would win his match up, in an indecisive way (count out or Owens walking out). Cesaro and Reigns would have a great match that finishes in a count out draw. And so, the final for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship would be a triple threat: Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro. They can still do the heel turn, but the match would be more anticipated, exciting and unpredictable. Plus, Cesaro would get a push. Let me know what you think in the comments.

NXT was good. Not excellent, but good. We needed some matches by the big guys (Apollo, Samoa and Balor only did promos). Luckily, the tag teams stepped up. It took me a while to realise it, but NXT has an amazing tag division. The Vaudevillains, Enzo and Cass, Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson, Jordan and Gable, the Hype Bros, etc. There's some really exciting stuff happening over there, and hopefully they can carry that momentum when they move on to the main roster.

Also, it seems like Bayley while start a feud with Alexa Bliss. Now that Sasha, Charlotte and Becky are all gone, I'm interested in seeing who will step up as the next great female wrestler. Would love for Nia Jax to join the program, so we can get some amazing triple threats for the belt.

Lastly, Samoa Joe did a heel promo, and it's clear that it'll be a mano a mano between him and Finn. They should have some great matches. Apollo also started a feud with Corbin. So this episode was mostly about planting the seeds for the upcoming feuds, which is something I can appreciate.

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