Purpose Album Review - Justin Bieber Gets It Right

I like Justin Bieber. I wouldn't call myself a huge fan, but I have no problems with the dude. It's okay to dislike him. You can have an opinion. But in 2015, it's kinda stupid to be a Justin Bieber hater. The guy can clearly make good music. And this is by far the best album he's ever done. While it's a bit long and the best songs were released as singles, it's impressive to see how much Bieber improved in a couple of years.

1. Mark My Words
Sweet intro. Bieber is talking about being ready to prove himself as an artist and as a man. And this song is already better than most of his previous work. I love the vocals all throughout the song, he really puts emotion into his words. The beat was a bit weird. Having his vocals used as the instrumental’s foundation was an odd choice, and it didn't fully work out. Still, nice intro.

2. I'll Show You
Dope song! Based on the singles, I could tell the album would be EDM influenced, and I have no problem with it. This beat is bouncy and soft, with a melodic, energetic beat drop. While Bieber’s vocals and lyrics aren't fully shown here, it still gets the point across: Bieber might not be the douchebag we thought he was.

3. What Do You Mean?
First single. I was shocked when I heard this. It sounded like a more mature Bieber. The song is pretty good. Melodic, catchy and short. The hook and beat in this one have big commercial appeal, without sounding like sell out pop songs. I wish he displayed his vocals a bit more. He stays in the pocket and never goes too high or low. Still, great track!

4. Sorry
My biggest complain with this one is that it feels a bit cheesy. Still, it's a pretty good song. Again, EDM influenced, and with a nice beat drop/hook. I really enjoyed the way the song flows, and Bieb’s vocals are great. He talks about fixing a relationship by (you guessed it), saying sorry.

5. Love Yourself 
You can tell Ed Sheeran was all over this song. It just has that feel. This is the ballad, composed of a sweet guitar melody and some beautiful trumpets towards the end. Bieber gets personal, telling us about a girl that destroyed him and left him broken. The hook is heavenly. Wondering who's the girl he's talking about in here.

6. Company
Chill, laid back song. I really enjoy the beat: melodic, bass heavy and atmospheric. But Bieber doesn't have anything too special to say. He's just talking to his girl. Wasn't deep enough. It's not bad at all, but nothing out of this world.

7. No Pressure
First song that I would consider as filler. The beat is super simple and repetitive. And while Bieber has some amazing vocals in here, the song just felt too lazy. Big Sean came through with some okay bars. But overall, I still think their best collab is “As Long As You Love Me”.

8. No Sense
Good commercial track. The beat feels a bit average, but it still bangs! Again, Bieber shows good vocals, but I would have loved him to spit a verse. Travis shows up, but his verse was SUPER short and not memorable. It's a good song to play in your car, but I expected something a bit more epic or original (like Maria, I'm Drunk. That song is crazy).

9. That Feeling
I don't know how to feel about this one. I'm liking the album so far because it has EDM, R&B and rap influences. But this is pure pop. And I'm not the biggest pop fan. This one has its moments, but I can't really play it unless I'm in a super specific mood.

10. Life is Worth Living
Do I think this is the most inspirational song ever made? No. But I'm sure it'll save some lives. This song is just piano and vocals. The hook is fantastic! But I wish the verses were as sweet and soft as the hook. Bieber talks about how good life is, and how you should enjoy your time here.

11. Where Are You Now
This track is brilliant! It just works. Bieber’s beautiful vocals, and Skrillex and Diplo’s unique sound mix perfectly. This fusion between pop and EDM feels fresh and original. This was my summer song, and I'll be playing it for a long time!

12. Children
Another EDM/Pop song. This one didn't grab me as much. The content is great, talking about inspiration and using fame to change people. Musically, the beat drop wasn't as catchy or memorable, but I'll still enjoy this one at a party.

13. Purpose
Another ballad. This one is not bad at all. Just some piano melody that has Bieber singing about his new found purpose. Again, nothing exceptional, but it's a good song. His spoken word at the end was great! Won't spoil it, but he talks about the previous mistakes he's made in a very mature, healthy way. Props to you, Sir!

14. Been You
Dope! It's like Bieber got tired of the sad, softer ballads and returned to the happy music. Content is still similar, but the beat is awesome. The Bouncyness and melody makes you feel good. And Bieber kills the hook!

15. Get Used to it
Another EDM/Pop song. Are they getting a bit repetitive? Maybe. But they're all good songs, so I can't complain. This one is pretty sweet, and the beat has an old school feel, mixed with today's style. Bieber’s message is: I'm here, and I'm not going anywhere. Get used to it.

16. We Are
This is actually great! The beat is mostly composed of melodic piano chords and some good commercial drums. Bieber really fits the beat, and kills his vocals. Let's talk about Nas. He did great! Best rap verse in the album HANDS DOWN. I really enjoyed his flow/delivery.

17. Trust
Good song. The hook is super cheesy, but I really like the atmosphere all throughout. The instrumental is more mature and fancy than your usual Bieber song. The track itself is another ballad, which is starting to get repetitive.

18. All In
Great outro! I really like this song. Content is actually sharp. I would probably describe it as the pop, dumbed down version of Loose Yourself (not as good of course, but you get my point). I really like the fancy piano keys that pop in and out.  And vocals are sweet and soft. That's how you wrap an album up.

Verdict: This album deserves its name. Justin Bieber really found his purpose. And as a listener, I did too. He makes great music. He's not a pop singer anymore. Justin Bieber is an artist.

Favorite Songs
- Where Are You Now?
- All In
- We Are
- I'll Show You

Least Favorite Songs
- That Feeling
- No Pressure

Purpose gets an 8.1 out of 10

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