Naughty Ninjas Review - South Park S19 E07

There was no South Park episode last week. For 14 days, my life was pretty much miserable. But finally, we got a new episode. And it had one of the best intros we've gotten this season. THE PC PRINCIPAL CALLED THE COPS ON LESLIE! The bit really set the tone, because I was laughing during the entire episode (except when it actually broke my heart). Naughty Ninjas is an amazing South Park episode. Let me tell you why:

So what's the episode all about? Police brutality. After officer Barbrady shoots a Mexican (Latinoamerican, shit!), the entire town turns against the police. They fire Barbrady, they start attacking the police and they even had a Fuck The Police montage that was simply one of the best things I've ever seen. Eventually, homeless people and drug addicts invade South Park, and the town realises how important the police is.

I will never get tired of saying it: I love the continuity this season is having. And, it's finally starting to pay off. We get new running jokes like the PC principal yelling at Leslie (She deserves it. Girl never shuts up), we get new places and locations like Sodosopa, and we even get a better narrative. The episode ended with a big cliffhanger, hinting that Leslie might be trying to destroy South Park (I told y'all: you can't trust a Tommy Talker). So yeah, continuity for the win!

Back to the episode, I loved it. All throughout this season, South Park has been tackling big issues that are actually affecting society. I can't believe how much this show has evolved. From homosexuality, to transgenders, Donald Trump and now police brutality, the show tackles these issues in a brilliant, funny and somehow realistic way. 

What I loved about the episode, is the fact that South Park (the show) didn't take a side. They weren't against, or with the police. They were real. Some of the police officers in the episode were racists assholes, but on the other side, some cops were sweet, and actually cared about protecting the people. They did an outstanding job with Barbrady. They really developed him as a character. Seeing him without his uniform and glasses, with a picture of his mom and his sick dog was actually heartbreaking. It was sad to see his struggles.

While there were a couple of sad moments, the rest of the episode was hilarious! So many standout moments: the PC principal trying to destroy Leslie, Randy realizing that Stan was in danger, or the fact that Comedy Central bleeped 'fuck' but didn't seem to care about 'nigga' being said on TV. This episode had the perfect balance between telling a smart, constructed narrative, and making me laugh my pants off. Great job, South Park!

Lastly, this week's side storyline was pretty good! With the police gone, the kids try to defend Kenny's house by dressing up as ninjas. The problem? Their costumes look like the ones ISIS terrorists wear. While the 'ninjas are gay' jokes didn't really get me, the rest did! People running away in fear, the Skype conversation with the actual ISIS terrorist, or the fact that Cartman had no idea about who he was talking to. It felt like classic South Park, and I loved it!

The Good
- Brilliant Concept
- Hilarious Execution
- Continuity
- Sad Moments
- N.W.A. Montage

The Bad
- 'Ninjas Are Gay' Jokes
Score: 9.5/10

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