'Dear WWE' No.01 - Seth Rollins Injured, Samoa Joe Heel Turn

Dear WWE,
Hey! Not sure who will read this so I'll say hi to the big dogs (if you're not one of theses guys, you still get a hi!): Hey Vince! Hey Hunter! Hey Kevin Dunn (if you're reading this, stop. I hate you, Kevin Dunn). This is my weekly letter, in which I praise/roast (mostly roast) what happened in RAW, NXT and one day, Smackdown (let me know when the show is worth watching). Keep in mind I do this to improve the product, so don't use it against me. With that being said, let’s talk about WWE!

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Usually I'll begin these letters by discussing RAW (so don't get used to this), but we should address the elephant in the room. Seth Rollins is injured. Fuck. At first, we thought he only tweaked his knee at a live event. But it's been confirmed to be much worse. How bad? An injured his ACL, MCL and medial meniscus. Read that again. Even if you don't know much about the body (like me), it still sounds awful, doesn't it? Here's the kicker: he'll be out for 6-9 months.

What do I think about Rollins's being injured? I think it's booty. I mean, these things do happen. Wrestling is an extremely physical sport. Still, this one really hurts. Based on the recovery time, it's safe to say Rollins is out for WrestleMania 32. That's a bummer. Guess the Triple H vs. Rollins match won't be happening. Which pretty much confirms that HHH's Mania match will be against The Great One (Rock). Now, Rollins will be forced to relinquish the title. In my opinion, he shouldn't be on TV. Just like they did with Cena a couple of weeks ago, don't talk about it too much. Announce his injury and ride him off into the sunset. I don't need to see an injured Rollins cutting a last heel promo (I'm assuming he'll be back as a babyface). Make me forget that he exists, and don't talk about him until he comes back.

Now that Rollins is gone, WWE announced that a tournament will take place to crown a new champ. That's pretty much all they said, so I don't know if the entire thing will take place at Survivor Series or if it'll be mostly on Raw, with the finals at SS. Personally, I think they should go for option two. If most of the tournament takes place on Monday nights (qualifying matches, quarter-finals, semi-finals), TV will be super exciting, and it'll build the hype for the finals to take place at Survivor Series' main event. Who should win this tournament? If you're putting money on it, Roman Reigns is a safe option. He was the one supposed to face Seth, so unless WWE surprises us (by having someone like Cesaro win), it'll probably be Reigns. I wouldn't have a problem with him winning if it wasn't as predictable. Still, I'd be happy with the final being Reigns vs. Cesaro, even if Reigns goes over.

That's all I have to say about Rollins' injury and this tournament (for now). Let's talk about RAW.


I actually didn't think RAW was that bad. It wasn't excellent, but it was pretty damn interesting. Crowd helped them a lot. The Denver crowd was a well behaved, respectful one. The kind that WWE loves. Reigns started the show by cutting a ANOTHER promo. Still don't feel like he's improving too much. He still makes weird pauses (probably forgets his lines) and his facial expressions are not there yet. While I get that he'll only get better by doing it, it's still awkward as hell. Also, HHH and Steph came out and stepped on the crowd like it was a roach. Steph goes: What if we have the Rollins vs. Reigns match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship right here, in Denver!? And the crowd is like: YESSSS! And Triple H goes: Are you guys high or something? Why would we have the match in Denver!?. It was freaking hilarious.

We also got to see Kevin Owens against an injured Dolph Ziggler. I like how they booked the match. Owens looked strong and Ziggler didn't look weak. In the middle of the match, Prince Pretty (Tyler Breeze) showed up and eventually attacked Ziggler. I'm still worried about Tyler. Don't know if he'll make it. Based on his talents and skills, I'm positive he could go far. With his current gimmick? Not so sure... Also, Cesaro killed it again. And the crowd loved it. #CesaroSection

Midway throught the show, Bray Wyatt comes out, and cuts an awesome promo on how he stole the Undertaker and Kane's powers. He then proceeds to do 'call' Taker's thunder and Kane's fire to the ring. It was pretty badass. Felt old school and Bray's delivery was perfect. You can see that WWE is passing the torch, so hopefully team Wyatt will be victorious at Survivor Series.

Lastly, we got what might be the biggest Divas match on Raw. A fatal 4 way between Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Brie Bella and Paige, to determine Charlotte's opponent at SS. I mean, the match wasn't too good. Not enough action and bad selling from Brie. Still, they gave them enough time to do something. And let's be honest: we all wanted Sasha to win. But it's okay if she didn't. The story's not going there. For now, Paige and Charlotte can have some great matches. Sasha will end up getting the title (maybe at Mania). And that's all that matters. So overall, solid RAW.

Let's end this, with NXT!


NXT was sweet, action packed and fun. So, usual NXT! We started by seeing Asuka's second match. I finally get it! I wasn't impressed (at all) by her first match, but she stepped it up for this one. She was faster, more charismatic and more confident. While I still don't get why people call her the savior of Women's wrestling, I'm starting to like her.

Lastly, we got to see non-demon Finn Balor defend his NXT belt against Apollo Crews. What a fun match! Both guys are babyfaces, so the crowd was split (even if Balor had a slight advantage). What I love about NXT matches, is that there's a bigger sense of unpredictability. I could see both guys winning. And they both brought their A game! After 10-15 minures ,Baron Corbin came out and beat the piss out of both guys. Good booking. Balor and Crews are seen as gladiators for the great match they were having, and Corbin gets more hate. So I'm thinking: future Triple Threat? But no, Samoa Joe comes out and hunts Corbin out of the ring. Once he's gone, JOE TURNS HEEL and attacks Finn. I was waiting for Joe's heel turn for a while, so I'm glad it finally happened. Question is: what's next? Balor and Crews vs. Joe and Corbin, or a fatal 4 way? God, I hope it's a Fatal 4 Way.

With Love, Real Men Report

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  1. I love Asuka thus far. Her matches have been very simple but she just has IT. She's just super compelling to watch and walks around the ring like she owns it. I'd love to see Asuka vs. Sasha.