Controversial RAW and Survivor Series Predictions - Dear WWE No. 03

Dear WWE,
Hey! Not sure who will read this so I'll say hi to the big dogs (if you're not one of theses guys, you still get a hi!): Hey Vince! Hey Hunter! Hey Kevin Dunn (if you're reading this, stop. I hate you, Kevin Dunn). This is my weekly letter, in which I praise/roast (mostly roast) what happened in RAW, NXT and one day, Smackdown (let me know when the show is worth watching). Keep in mind I do this to improve the product, so don't use it against me. With that being said, let’s talk about WWE!

Raw was actually pretty damn good! I mean, we did get some of the boring matches that I won't even talk about, but there were two big moments: the tournament and the last segment.. Let's start with the tournament: it was great! Unlike last week's episode, the matches didn't feel as predictable, so there was a bigger sense of excitement. And to be honest, all the matches were awesome!

Owens and Neville went on first, and even if I've seen this match a couple of times, it was still pretty entertaining. It had me invested, it was short and sweet, and both guys performed great! Owens went over (good call). Ambrose and Ziggler had a pretty intense match. Ambrose defeated the Ziggs. While watching the match, I noticed Ambrose was starting to show heel tendencies. Getting visibly mad, slapping the mat and cutting a heel-esque promo at the end of the match. While Reigns would make more sense as a heel, they probably will turn Ambrose (because Vince doesn't want to play with his baby Cena 2.0).

Alberto Del Rio and Kalisto went at it, at the match was super weird. Del Rio was destroying Kalisto. He almost took his head off TWICE. Plus, he actually ripped his mask off. Clearly it was a spot, but Del Rio pulled too hard, and Kalisto's face was shown on TV. #Awkward . The last match was the long awaited Cesaro vs. Reigns, and they had the match of the night! Their chemistry was great, and the crowd was into it. While Reigns went over, Cesaro was booked like a champ. It's clear that big things are coming to him.

The end of the show was weird. It's one of the first times a Divas segment closed the show. Paige and Chalotte's contract signing. It was controversial as hell. During her promo, Paige made comments about Charlotte's dead brother, Reid Flair. Apparently, the segment was done without the authorisation of Ric and Elizabeth Flair. They both felt offended and thought the whole segment was disgusting.

Now, I can see both sides. It was definitely in bad taste. Not the comments, but doing such segment without asking. On the other side, the segment made me more interested in a feud I didn't really care about. I know I'm more excited for the match because of the segment. Plus, we got one of the best brawls I've ever seen in woman's wrestling. At the end of the day, wrestling is art. It's supposed to make us feel emotions. Is it always right? Absolutely not.

I didn't have enough time to watch NXT, so instead I'll leave my Survivor Series Predictions:

1. Ziggler vs. Breeze
Breeze goes over. He just debuted with the main roster.

2. Brothers of Destruction vs. Brother of Construction
Kane and Taker. Because WWE loves old talent

3. Tournament
Ambrose turns heel at the finals and defeats Roman Reigns to become the new champ

4. Charlotte vs. Paige
Charlotte. She just got the title last month.

5. Traditional SS match
New Day wins. BOOTY.

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