Chance The Rapper - Angels (feat. Saba) Song Review

I love Chance The Rapper! He's positive, original and talented. I became a fan when his mixtape Acid Rap came out back in 2013. I was instantly hooked. And once I saw him perform live, I realized this man has the potential to do some great things for hip-hop. I've been waiting for a new project for more than two years, and once I heard about this new song, I knew I had to talk to you guys about it! Is a new project on the way? God, I hope so... Anyways, here's what I thought of the song!

The Good
- The Positive, Acid Rap vibes are CRAZY
- Soulful, Smooth Beat
- Chance has great flows and enjoyable vocals
- Saba destroys the hook
- Nice Message

The Not So Good
- Not his strongest song lyrics wise
Score: 4.25/5

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