And After That, We Didn't Talk by Goldlink Album Review

I have been sleeping on this guy. I literally know almost nothing about him. I remember watching the XXL Freshman Cyphers (which he was in), but I don't remember seeing him. So I guess his verse wasn't super memorable. To be honest, I wasn't going to check this album out. But, fans asked for it. Plus, I heard a snippet from one of his song, and it was super funky and soulful. So I told myself: why not? And I'm glad I gave him a chance. Goldlink has a lot of potential, even if he's not fully there yet.

1. After You Left
Weird into. Goldlink made a good first impression with his sing/rap style, but the song itself isn't that good. The beat was too simple for me to actually to get invested in the song. Lyrics wise, it's okay. He did have some nice lines. Okay start to the album.

2. Zipporah
Good song. The beat is laid back and soulful. While it feels convoluted at times, I appreciate the vibes it brings. Goldlink really makes the song for me. While I wish the verses were more focused, he brings nice rhymes and sweet vocals. Also, sweet hook!

3. Dark Skinned Women
First off, I didn’t like the hook in this one. It was cheesy, uninspired and not catchy. The rest is pretty good. Goldlink uses his vocals and flows to deliver some pretty entertaining verses. Okay commercial song.

4. Spectrum
Much better! The beat is fresh and house inspired. Goldlink rides the beat, telling us a story using his unique style. I wasn't too impressed by the first verse , but I really enjoyed the second one. Dope song!

5. Dance On Me
While I really like the instrumentation in this one, the drums were too poppy for me. And again, I love the flows and vocals Goldlink brings to the table, but the verses in this song are superficial and a bit lazy. Not a big fan of the song.

6. Late Night
This one has more singing,and I have no problem with it. The beat is bouncy but dark, and Goldlink has some nice vocals. Again, I wish the song had more substance. But it's a pretty good song.

7.  Unique
Thing with this one is, I love the hook. It's 90’s inspired, and the melody is fantastic. But the verses don't do anything for me. At all. Their delivery turned me off, but whenever the hook came back on, I had to dance.

8. Palm Trees
Dope song! Super laid back, atmospheric and melodic. The beat is pretty simple, but the drums are great and it actually gives you palm trees vibes. Goldlink does his sing/rap thing and kills it. Love how laid back this one is.

9. Polarized
I got really annoyed by this one. I feel like I already heard this song 10 times in this album: letter to a girl, over an atmospheric beat. Disappointed by the lack of variety in here. Song’s not horrible, but it's nothing new.

10. New Black
Man, I wish this was longer. Right when we were getting somewhere, the song ends. Even if it wasn't super lyrical, he tackles some issues. The beat is soft and sweet. Nice song.

11. See I Miss
Nice outro. Really has a closing feel. The beat is depressive and introspective. Goldlink tells us about his old girl, and how he misses her. He finally gets personal. I waited the entire album for a deeper moment like this one.  Super smooth outro.

Verdict: While Goldlink showcases his musical talents all over 'And After That, We Didn’t Talk', he barely shows himself as an artist. That's the album's biggest disapointment. He rarely gets personal, leaving us with a bunch of sweet, yet hollow songs.

The Good
- Palm Trees
- See I Miss

The Bad
- Dance On Me
- Polarized

I Give This Album 6.5 Chanclas Out of 10

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