You're Not Yelping Review - South Park S19 E04

Last week's episode was alright. I loved what they were talking about (Gentrification), but the episode just didn't have enough jokes. I wanted South Park to make me laugh like a child, and that's exactly what You're Not Yelping had me doing. This episode was too damn funny. This is why I still watch this TV show.

So what was this week's episode all about? Yelp Reviewers. They're all over South Park. And they want free food and excellent service. Otherwise, they will ruin restaurants by giving them 1 star. Problem? The entire town is a Yelp reviewer. Premise is simple enough, but the delivery is what makes this episode so good.

Again, everything that happened in previous episodes changes the town and the people. I won't stop praising this strategy, because it's working! For the first time ever, it actually feels like you're watching a constructed season, and not just random episodes. Great job, South Park! In this episode, Shi Tpa Town and Whole Foods are still here. So all the fancy restaurants move to town. Because if you're not in Shi Tpa Town , you ain't shit. So Cartman (and the other Yelp reviewers), start bullying businesses to get free stuff.

I loved the Yelp storyline. South Park nailed it. During the entire episode, I was just screaming: THAT'S SO TRUE! Because it is. Yelp ''critics'' are entitled as hell. They really feel like they're powerful and important, when there's millions of other critics like them (same concept applies for any critic...including me). But again, they told the story in such a smart way. Usually, it would be just Cartman ruining people's lives. On this episode, it was everyone. And the funniest thing is the fact that every single one of them thought they were the best YELP critic in town. South Park keeps tackling important topics with respect and genuinely humor. Also, the closing montage (BOOGERS AND CUM) had me in tears. Won't spoil it, but it's already one of my favorite moments of the season.

I love this this episode because it was funny as hell! I laughed the entire time. From beginning to end, there are so many standout moments. Gerald writing his YELP review over epic opera vocals, Whistlin' Willy's snapping and beating the crap out of the critics, the news showing ISIS footage, Mr. Kim (shitty chicken) cumming on a plate of noodles or Cartman saying 'bicicleta' over and over. Last week's episode needed more jokes, but this one really delivered.

Lastly, I liked that the kids were more involved with the episode. While I feel like Stan hasn't done anything this season, all the other kids are getting their bits. Kyle and Cartman were all over the place, and we even got a new kid called David (or DAVIIIID).  So yeah, I really liked this episode. It was hilarious, previous episodes are still having real consequences, the story was smart, and the kids were involved with the action. AWESOME EPISODE

The Good
- Yelp Storyline
- Funny As Hell
- Countless Standout Moments
- Kids Were Involved
Score: 8.5/10


  1. Just FYI, the restaurants ARE NOT in SodoSopa. That district was abandoned by the end of the last episode. The Whole Foods is in Shi Tpa Town (right next door to City Wok in fact), and that's where all these new restaurants are at too.

  2. Nice review! The gentrification episode is still my favorite from this season (I tend to like the bleak episodes). In a way, "You're Not Yelping" reminded me of "The Gang Group Dates" episode of Always Sunny

    1. Haha, we all have our opinions. My favorite episode from this season is still the Trump episode. And nice comparison