WWE Needs An Alberto Del Rio Return

For as long as I can remember, WWE always tried to have a big Latin superstar. Guys like Pedro Morales, Tito Santana, Rey Misterio and Eddie Guerrero attract Spanish audiences, and WWE undestands the importance of having a diverse roster. And now, after talks with Carlito went south, WWE is in talks with the person who might be this decade's biggest Latin wrestler, Alberto Del Rio. And in my opinion, the 2015 roster needs him.

Now, WWE does have a couple of Latin wrestlers. The most known ones would be the Lucha Dragons. However, they're not really influential or talented enough. Kalysto could be much bigger, but he's not getting enough TV time. And don't get me started with Mr. Botchmania (Sin Cara). What I'm trying to say is that we need a superstar of higher caliber. Alberto Del Rio is that man.

As we all know, Del Rio had a pretty long run with the company (2010-2014) and to be honest, he was treated as a star. He won the World Heavyweight Championship, the WWE Championship, the Money in the Bank briefcase and the Royal Rumble. It's clear that WWE saw him as a main eventer, and that's why it was hard to see him leave.

For those who didn't look it up (or didn't know), WWE didn't want to fire Del Rio. And Del Rio didn't want to leave. The quick version is: Cody Barbierri, a member of WWE's social media team, made a racist joke in front of Del Rio. After refusing to apologize, El Patron gave him a good old slap. And when Barbierri told Vince he was ready to hit the company with legal action, they were forced to let Del Rio go.

Now, Barbierri has left the company. So technically, there shouldn't be any bad blood between Rio and WWE. If offered the right things, there's no reason not to expect him to return sooner rather than later. Do I think Del Rio should come back? As Rio's fan? No. He's doing fan at Lucha Underground, where he's seen as a legend. As a WWE fan? Hell Yeah! I love Alberto Del Rio!

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